My Struggle

I love food that is bad for me, and I am pretty sure everyone else does too. One of my favorite things to eat is ALL FRIED THINGS! Deep frying, a common practice in the South where I grew up, is where love and happiness are infused into food as they bathe in tasty golden oil. The problem is that this process isn’t what doctors would call “healthy.” Sure, it’s okay to eat from time to time, but a steady diet of fried things can lead to a number of health problems. 

As a friend of the fried food and a champion of the crispy, it has been my goal in life to find a way to eat more of these foods I crave without risking my overall health. As you can imagine, it’s not been easy.

Until now.

Meet the GoWise Air Fryer

The GoWise Air Fryer allows the user to quickly cook foods without oil that would others wise need to be submerged in oil. Don’t worry; the people at GoWise found a way to keep the love and happiness in the flavor of the food. The Air Fryer creates a cyclone of heat that cooks food on all sides at once. This reduces the need for extensive amounts of oil, which can be costly and–according to doctors–unhealthy. 

Typically, when deep frying, a person has to use at least 2 inches of oil to fry with. Depending on the size of the pan, this can end up being quite a bit of oil. And oil is not cheap! At my local big box store, a gallon of off-brand canola oil runs at about 5 bucks. So if you are a connoisseur of the crispy, you can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on oil alone, at which point, it’s cheaper to go out to eat. That may sound like hyperbole for some people, but for me, it’s really not. 

The GoWise Air Fryer reduces the amount of oil needed for any item from multiple cups to a single teaspoon, and in some cases, none. 

The Fry Test

To test the GoWise Air Fryer, I decided to try two of my favorite food items: tater tots and corn dogs. While I eat more than my fair share of corndogs, I tend to avoid cooking tater tots at home. The problem with home-cooked tots is that they are either underdone or they make a HUGE mess while frying. Let’s face it, frying foods is not the cleanest of activities. Grease gets everywhere. And since I dislike cleaning more than I dislike non-crunchy food, I tend to bake my tots. And that always leaves me disappointed. Which then reminds me why I don’t eat tater tots at home. 

With the air fryer, I didn’t have either problem. The design of the cooker keeps whatever potential spills and splashes internal, so I didn’t have to worry about clean up. And while my tots came out a little overcooked–chalk that one up to me being a noob–they were still delicious and crispy. 

The corndog was similarly crispy. It was like I had gone to the state fair but without crowds, carnies, and circus folk. The outer shell had the crunch you would get with deep frying but didn’t keep the oily flavor you sometimes get at the fair. 

Plus, it was cheaper. A typical corndog at either fair or food truck can run between 6 and 10 dollars. The box of 28 I bought cost me 10 dollars. So by the time I finish eating all 28 corndogs, the GoWise Air Fryer will have essentially paid for itself twice over. So in less than a month–yes I eat that many corndogs–I will have saved over 100 dollars.

Word of warning: when pulling your corndog out from the GoWise Air Fryer DON’T use your fingers. It gets really hot and you will burn yourself. 

More than a Fryer

I will say that I was flabbergasted to find out that you could use this air fryer to cook more than just prepackaged foods. After all, making prepackaged foods taste better was my whole goal. While researching recipes for this device, I stumbled across dozens of websites that provided tutorials and walkthroughs to cooking everything from dessert to the main dish. This means the GoWise Air Fryer is more than just a cool device to use for tailgating.

Final Thoughts:

If you are going to eat fried food–and if you are reading this, you are–then the GoWise Air fryer is a good alternative to traditional frying. It uses little to no oil, cooks in about the same time as a conventional oven, and gives you the crunch you would get with deep frying. It’s perfect for family dinners and dorm rooms. 

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