When I first heard about Tasty Clean, my first thought was: pacifier. What other item, meant for the mouth, is dropped onto germ-infested floors multiple times a day? And how annoying is it to search for running water and some sort of soap that is also digestible, as you’ll be popping that pacifier back into the wailing infant’s mouth pronto?

Alas, I had to pacifier-wash the hard way for years, as there was no Tasty Clean when my kiddos were babies.

Tasty Clean – Soup Apple Flavor

There are plenty of other uses for an all-natural, anti-bacterial spray that actually tastes good, though. My kids and I brainstormed for 2 minutes and came up with more than enough scenarios to put into our video.

What do you do with 3 thirsty kids but only one water bottle? Normally, I toss it to the back of the van and let them fend for themselves. But, when some of the kids are friends, or one of your family members is showing signs of a cold, we should be a little more germ-savvy.

Tasty Clean kit

So, with Tasty Clean’s anti-bacterial spray, you’d give the mouth of the water bottle a couple sprays after each person takes a swig. Slurp, gulp, spray, pass, and so on down the line.

How it works:

Technically, you need to wait at least 30 seconds after spraying your object with Tasty Clean for the bacteria-killing magic to do its work. Maximum effectiveness is to wait 5 minutes. It would take longer than that to find another equally effective cleaning solution in most circumstances, so I have no complaints.

And what is Tasty Clean actually made of? You can spray it directly into your mouth if you want, for a fun mystery-taste test. I taste and smell the apple-cider vinegar right away. We tried the sour apple flavor, but there’s also grape and cherry.

Tasty Clean says the spray is “completely safe to ingest and contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, surfactants or sugar.” And that it’s proven to kill up to 99.9% of common germs in as little as 30 seconds.

Tasty Clean:


Spray. Wait 30 seconds. No yucky germs.

And it tastes good!


Clean & tasty

Tasty Clean Spray

Variety of options
Anti-bacterial clean

Clean & tasty

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“My children have made multiple requests to have their own Tasty Clean spray bottles for school.”

Emily Metcalf


Travel Size:

8ML Travel size

Small for a reason, the 8 mL pen cap spray bottle fits easily into most pockets, purses, baby bags, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. Watch out when you break the seal for the first time, though. I immediately ripped off the whole plastic label instead of just the seal around the cap. Now I’ve got a blank spray bottle with clear liquid. Bring out the label maker! Or, let’s be honest, just grab a sharpie.

Final Say:

My children have made multiple requests to have their own Tasty Clean spray bottles for school. I can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t have a way to disinfect items that might otherwise get them sick. Obviously, we can use Tasty Clean for far more than just pacifiers. That tells me this product is a win!

Thanks, Tasty Clean, for keeping us healthy!


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