Asher + Olivia:


“Comfortable & stylish baby clothes –

that won’t wear out

in the wash.”

When you’re searching for cute baby clothes, there’s 3 things you want: comfortable, easy to put on a squirming baby, and washable stains. The last one is arguably the most important because blow-out poops are inevitable. My 11-month-old is particularly talented – she waits until I’ve got her in the cutest, most expensive outfit possible before destroying it with a stinky disaster.

With my son, I was logical. I knew perfectly well that adorable outfits were unnecessary and went for practical. But with my baby girl, for some reason logic went out the window with the first bow.

I’ve bought the cutest and most impractical clothes known to mankind over the last year. I’ve tried out every brand I could find: Carters, Osh Kosh, Kids Korner, Cat + Jack, Milkmaid, babyGap. I’ve tried the organic brands, the non organic but infinitely cheaper brands. The adorable onesies, the practical onesies, the ones that stain after the first poo, the ones that claim one size but really should fit a baby 10X smaller than mine.

Adorable Arctic Chic Layette set!

So with Asher + Olivia baby clothes, I had mixed expectations. They were adorable, I fell in love with their Arctic Chic collection of baby clothes, so naturally, my baby would be determined to have a blow-out on the first wear. She didn’t disappoint.

Washing Machine Test:

Can you spot a stain???

It was a good opportunity to find out if Asher + Olivia baby clothes could hold the test of the washing machine. Over the course of 3 months, she had approximately 10 blow-outs in either the onesie or pajama outfit in the layette set. I scrutinized the baby clothes after each wash, and surprisingly, I couldn’t find the stain. I was starting to question if she had even had a blow-out in that outfit.


Has anyone else noticed the disturbing trend in baby girl clothes: the pants are tight – ridiculously so. This is a baby, why are the pants so tight?! She’s not trying to show off her chunky thighs! I end up buying a size 2T for my 11-month-old and I still feel like I’m trying to squeeze her bum into these tiny little pants! Thankfully, Asher + Olivia doesn’t follow that model of baby clothes. I ended up getting a second outfit to try out pant size. Snug but comfy – easy to put on her and soft to the touch.

For the 2 baby clothes outfits I tested – I picked up the size 9-12 month and she fit in it (including the pajamas) for that entire age range. My little darling is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. She doesn’t have a wrist, it’s all rolls. This kid has Michelin tire arms – she’s THAT chunky – so I wasn’t expecting either outfit to last until 12 months. But she’s turning 1 very soon and there’s still room for growth. I found the Asher + Olivia baby clothes to be true to size

Comfortable & adorable baby clothes

Asher + Olivia

Washing Machine friendly
True to size

Comfortable & adorable baby clothes

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Adorable baby clothes brand that washes well and stays soft to the touch. The only struggle I found, the baby boy outfits are so cute that I really wish I had a little baby boy to lavish with those cute clothes.”

Lana Medina

What stands out:

What does the Fox say??

These baby clothes are adorable, and I mean adorable. There’s 3 collections:

  • Artic Chic
  • Industrial Dream
  • Woodland Fox

But within those collections, there are dozens of options.

Baby shower gift:

Half the time when you’re buying baby clothes, you’re buying it for someone else’s baby. Moms are inundated with baby clothes at their baby shower, and with good reason. Those precious bundles of joy go through clothes. Between the blow-outs, spit ups, spills, over-excited siblings, and how fast they grow in the first year: you need a lot of baby clothes.

Asher + Olivia makes for a great baby shower gift not only because the baby clothes are really cute, soft & comfortable, but because of the packaging, It’s a special design that is a present until itself. That mama-to-be will know it’s high quality even before she opens it.


Oh my cuteness!

I found the cost to be around average to other baby clothes brands. For the layette set (footie pajamas, bodysuit onesie and bib), it cost $18. Considering what you get, that’s actually a really good price. Sure, you can find cheaper. But the downside is you get what you pay for. If you want an outfit that won’t wash out stains, feels scratchy on your little one, or fades quickly, by all means, get something cheap. But word to the wise, one really nice outfit is going to last you much, MUCH longer.

Final Say:

Adorable baby clothes brand that washes well and stays soft to the touch. The only struggle I found, the baby boy outfits are so cute that I really wish I had a little baby boy to lavish with those cute clothes. I can hear my husband cursing me in the background. In the meantime, the next mom I know pregnant with a baby boy is going to get lucky.