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Headlamp Comparison Review

Headlamp Review    If you’re currently stumbling in the dark, as you work, camp, or play, STOP, because that’s dangerous. Instead, read this four-headlamp review, which looks at four of today’s headlamps, two GOFORWILD USB rechargeable models, one made by LuminoLite, and a Foxelli, which both operate on batteries.  I’ll be comparing types of light beams, brightness, comfort, and runtime.    GOFORWILD G03002 v G03006 LED+COB (USB Rechargeable)  Light Beams  Are you a nightcrawler who needs a detailed field of light close-by, camping out in the open, or are you trail-running at night? Could be you’re busy living the van life. Perhaps you work in crawlspaces where hands-free is a must. Maybe yourself, and your dog named Jam, need headlamps for trolling Alaska’s sunless winters because you both love the wildlife.  Whatever your preferred nocturnal activity, there are many types of light beams to choose from, white, red, self-adjusting, focused point-lights, floods, or a combination of them all. It’s also useful to think about how your choice of headlamp will...

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Sleeping Pad Comparison Review

Trekology:   “Rest well tonight Adventure tomorrow”   Search for: Down Time with Sleeping Pads    Testing stuff before you buy is sweet, but as we all know, finding the time can be hard.  What follows is a time-saving, test comparison of two inflatable tent sleeping pads. One is an ALUFT ultralight sleeping pad from Trekology, and the other is a surprising, chartreuse green alternative from Gold Armour.  Before I start lying down all over the place, here’s a quick note about tent pad comparison and selection. Tent and sleeping pads differ. The former goes on the ground as a layer of protection for your tent. Sleeping pads fit nicely on your tent floor, in your hammock, sleeping bag, or the bed...

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Cutting Board Comparison

Search for: Teakhaus  “nothing will stand between you and culinary greatness” Cutting Board Comparison   Preparing delicious food of all kinds is a daily ritual for me, which is why I use a cutting board every day.   I compared two very different ones, looking at ease-of-use, durability and overall quality. The Teakhaus, made by Proteak, is a spacious rectangle of beautiful teak wood, and the other is a four-piece, BPA-free cutting board set from Resort Chef International.    A Google search told me using a wooden or plastic cutting board is about the same when it comes to choosing wood over plastic for vegetables and animal proteins.  Regardless of what food you prepare, it’s always smart to clean your cutting boards thoroughly between ingredients to avoid consumption of harmful bacteria.    Teakhaus by Proteak  Don’t drop the Teakhaus on your foot. It’s made from 100% FSC-certified sustainable wood, making it quality culinary equipment your toes won’t forget.    Its smooth wooden surface also smells great. Remove a single cardboard packaging strip, give it a good wash, and nothing will stand between you and culinary greatness.  The Teakhaus provides generous work space for carving a holiday roast, or possibly, a small Tuna. There’s room to slice a NY-style pizza, or roll out chapatis, and its natural texture didn’t slide on my countertops.   It’s roominess (24x18x1.5 in.), however, may not be entirely practical for all living spaces, which isn’t a bad thing because variety is fun.   Its real estate was a nice change from what I typically use, which is less grand, and my vegetables didn’t pile up on top of one another as I chopped. I also enjoyed its solidness when I picked it up using the two finished hand grips at both ends, so it could be time for a change.   Pros  Lovely aesthetic  Durable  FSC-certified  Cons  Could be slightly awkward to wash or store, depending on your available space    4-Piece Cutting Board Set | Resort Chef International ...

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