Author: Carla Pruitt

The Brushies: the ultimate kid toothbrush

Brushies:   “My son loves Chomps – I am more partial to Pinkey the Pig” “Brush your teeth. Brush, brush, brush. Brush your teeth. Brush, brush, brush.” These six words are about all we know of this song if it is indeed a song. All I know is my toddler insists we sing this song whenever he brushes his teeth. And Stephen is obsessed with brushing his teeth. He wants to do it every night after his bath. Now, his idea of “brushing” his teeth versus what the dentist thinks obviously differ. For my spunky 3-year-old, brushing teeth is...

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Educational toy for 2-year-old kids

Color Fun Fish Bowl Color Fun Fish Bowl    “He even wants to take the toy with him to bed at night.” The winter months are arguably challenging with toddlers. As a parent, I am always trying to find toys for my 2-year-old son to engage with on cold, snowy days. If I don’t, one of two things will happen: I become the designated toy, and there is no hiding. OR My 2-year-old will find something creative to do, like color on the hallway walls with a mystery pen he found somewhere in the house. I equate this challenge...

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Cradle Cap Shampoo to remove your baby’s dandruff

Bella B Naturals Cradle Cap Shampoo Products from Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo 8 Oz Price: $9.99 ‹ › Bella B Naturals: “Cradle Cap is really ‘cradle crap’.” Does this make the difference?   There are two things I pretty much dread every single day: the morning commute into work and my son’s bathtime routine. My spunky 2-year-old loves as he calls “playing in the water.” And who wouldn’t at our house; the number of bathtime toys he has in the water on any given night has kept several toy stores in business (you’re welcome)....

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