Author: Emily Metcalf

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Improve your body & mind

Evolution Salt:  ✓ Visually Appealing ✓ Cleanses the Air ✓ Addicting – “I seriously want 2 for every room.”   Himalayan Salt Lamps are a recognizable trend at this point, so most likely you’ve seen or heard of one. If by some small chance you haven’t, then you are in for a treat, as I was a few months ago.   I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed these beauties, as I’m a fan of soothing interior décor, but it made for a breathtaking moment when I first plugged in one of Evolution Salt Co.’s salt lamps in my...

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Protein bars – Keep your kids healthy

RX Protein Bars – Kids RX Bars:   No Gluten, No Dairy, No Soy –  Honest Advertising ✓   We’re definitely not suffering from a shortage of protein bars.  I’ve noticed entire aisles devoted to them in grocery stores.  We love our nutrition on the go, conveniently packaged, and easy to eat.  If there’s no refrigeration, utensils, or cooking time required, so much the better! And this isn’t true just for adults.  Yes, we’re busy at work or running errands, volunteering and ushering around our kids, but the kids themselves need to eat… like at least three times a day....

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Herbal remedy to give your kids a good night’s sleep

WishGarden Herbal Remedy WishGarden:  “A herbal remedy to help give your kids a good night’s sleep – and you too.”   “Go to sleep.” “Please, just go to sleep.” “I can’t do this for you, kid!  SLEEP!” I don’t know why some of us struggle with this fundamentally necessary aspect of our biology, while others succumb easily and willingly every night.  There are parents out there whose children nap and go to bed without much of a fight.  They do exist; I’ve met them.  These children stay asleep all night and wake up refreshed.  It’s hard for these families...

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Anti-bacterial spray – without the yucky taste

When I first heard about Tasty Clean, my first thought was: pacifier. What other item, meant for the mouth, is dropped onto germ-infested floors multiple times a day? And how annoying is it to search for running water and some sort of soap that is also digestible, as you’ll be popping that pacifier back into the wailing infant’s mouth pronto? Alas, I had to pacifier-wash the hard way for years, as there was no Tasty Clean when my kiddos were babies. There are plenty of other uses for an all-natural, anti-bacterial spray that actually tastes good, though. My kids and I brainstormed for 2 minutes...

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Anxious or Feeling Sick? Can Essential Oils Help?

Spark Naturals:    “You won’t be disappointed with the Essential Oils 4-pack.”   If you haven’t incorporated essential oils into your daily routine, I highly recommend you try some out. There’s something awesome about accessing nature’s healing powers before running straight to the doctor or pharmacy. Headache? Ear infection? Fever? Acne? For nearly every ailment, you can make your first move of defense with an essential oil. But which brand to try and how to get it? That’s when it gets complicated. HOW TO SHOP: When shopping for essential oils, most people are concerned with purity and price.  Here’s...

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