Author: Liz Jarrad

Best Spice Racks of 2018

There is an episode in the 1950s television series Leave it to Beaver where Mr. Cleaver famously tells his son that a woman’s place is in the home, and if that is true, then particularly in the kitchen. Women do all right cooking with all the modern conveniences, he continues, but a man does the best cooking outdoors over a rolling fire. “Think caveman” he says to his son. Let’s throw feminism out the window for a small moment. Because, I wish my place were in the kitchen. Now, I do an amazing job of reheating food-particularly in the...

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Grip Pro: hand grippers review

Grip Pro   “Better grip – for serious athletes, and the rest of us too”   My older brother is in his mid-40’s. He works for a large software and tech firm (I’m talking large) in Seattle, Washington. He’s kind of a big deal. I am nine years his junior, and when I was a kid, I remember thinking my ‘big deal’ older brother was the cat’s pajamas. This was in the 80’s. And when he worked out, he wore lavender converse high tops, pegged his acid-washed jeans, cut off his sweatshirt to bare his midriff, and wore bandanas...

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Sago Mini Bath Squirter – No Mold, Just Fun

Products from Sago Mini - BPA and Mold Free, Easy Clean Bath Squirters and Floaties - Gift Pack Price: Out of stock ‹ › Sago Mini:   “Bath squirters – There’s an app for that.”   Bath time! This is a great time. This is the time where I get to stick my two littles (who are 17 months apart-age 4 and 5 1/2) in another room, where they’re contained in a small space, and there is no chance they can borrow my phone for screen time. Which means I get my phone all to myself the entire...

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Best food storage sets of 2018

So I’m a single mom. And when I was married there was a lot more of me cooking persnickety things and there were a lot more leftovers. Now I’m divorced and my budget has been streamlined. Lately I tend to buy smaller quantities and go to the store more often. That is, as and when I have the money to go. So, when I picked up the assignment to write a review on food storage, I thought I was going to be picking up food to taste test and give to my kids. Like freeze dried ice cream and...

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