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Teether Comparison Review

Teethers   Drool, chewing, and fussing, oh my! Teething is no joke. It started for our little guy a few weeks ago, and it has been non-stop drooling and chewing on his hands ever since. The opportunity to put these teethers to the test couldn’t have come at a better time. They’ve provided some much-needed relief for him, and they’ve relived some stress for mama too. I know it’s part of his development, but his chewing on his hands isn’t my favorite thing. I feel like he’s going to gnaw a finger off. All of the teethers are BPA...

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Baby Carrier Comparison Review

Baby Carriers I’m convinced that nothing changes your life more than having a baby. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the best thing in the entire world, but literally, everything changes overnight. Actually, things don’t just change overnight. They change in a matter of a few hours (or however long your labor is). I feel like I was prepared for a lot of the changes that came with being a mom, but one thing I didn’t realize is how not mobile I’d be. As someone who is usually on the go, this change rocked my world. I mean, I’d sit...

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Aicok Toaster

Aicok Toaster   Cream cheese on bagels and toast with fresh butter. Eggos and Poptarts that make my heart flutter. Pillsbury Strudels with filling that clings. These are a few of my favorite things.   However unhealthy these breakfast foods may be, they are my weakness. In fact, my number one pregnancy craving was Poptarts. My husband and I frequented Walmart for months picking up the 48-count value pack. I toasted so many Poptarts he was convinced I’d never eat another one again after we had our baby, but here we are months later and I still love them....

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Gazeled Fan

I swear I’ve forgotten how hot it can get. I used to love basking in the sun when I was younger, but I’m becoming more of a shade dweller with every year that passes by. It doesn’t help that over the past several years I’ve spent the majority of my days in an office with the air conditioning on full blast. I think most women would agree that a freezing office is basically the equivalent of stepping outside into a blizzard in the middle of winter. I recently switched over to freelance writing so that I can spend more...

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Nature Restore Product Review

Nature Restore   Nature Restore SmarterSkin: Now that I’m almost 30, skincare has become extremely important to me. I’ve realized that my teenage years and early 20s were spent basking in the sun, and it didn’t do my skin any favors. A couple of years ago my friend did an Emage scan of my face, which essentially tells you the age of your skin, the current sunspots you have, and sunspots that are there but haven’t appeared yet. The results came back and I was mortified. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t know the sun was bad for...

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