Author: Makaylee Racker

Nature Restore Product Review

Nature Restore   Nature Restore SmarterSkin: Now that I’m almost 30, skincare has become extremely important to me. I’ve realized that my teenage years and early 20s were spent basking in the sun, and it didn’t do my skin any favors. A couple of years ago my friend did an Emage scan of my face, which essentially tells you the age of your skin, the current sunspots you have, and sunspots that are there but haven’t appeared yet. The results came back and I was mortified. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t know the sun was bad for...

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Nition Flat Iron

Nition Flat Iron If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that quality hair products are worth every penny. I once had a hairdresser put it this way, “Quality tools and products are like insurance for your hair.” As a woman who has bleached her hair blonde for 15 years (minus the six months I tried being a brunette… and it did not flatter my skin tone), “insuring” my hair has become vital. Unfortunately, I’ve had to learn this the hard way. There have been times throughout my life that I’ve used flat irons that were subpar,...

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Remodeez Deodorizers

Remodeez Deodorizers We’ve all been there. You’re hosting a dinner party and someone goes to put something in the fridge, only to be hit by the foul odor that’s been lingering in there for weeks. Or you have to take your shoes off at a friend’s house and are worried that your feet might stink from the flats you’ve been walking in all day. You’ve tried every DIY trick in the book to get rid of those unwanted smells. Baking soda, putting essential oils on cotton balls, or even putting baby powder in your shoes. The list goes on...

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Camping Chair Comparison Review

Camp Chairs Camp chairs are a summer staple. That being said, not all camp chairs are created equal. Think about it… Have you ever sat in a flimsy camp chair and ended up toppling over? What about having an achy back the next day due to your camp chair’s lack of support? Or has your drink (in my case, an extra large Diet Coke), tipped over due to a flimsy cup holder? I’m telling you, you have to be selective when picking out a camp chair. It’s basically your lazy boy for the summer.  Lucky for you, I put...

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The Cobbler Stick

The Cobbler Sticks   Name the movie… Ham – “Hey, you wanna s’more?” Scotty – “Some more what?” Ham – “I just got here, so how can I have some more of nothing?” Scotty – “You’re killin’ me, Smalls! Okay, these s’mores are stuff…” If you love s’mores as much as Ham from the Sandlot does, then you’re going to love making mini-cobblers (otherwise known as “woofems”) with The Cobbler Sticks. In fact, I’m convinced that this scene from the Sandlot would feature mini-cobblers instead if it were filmed in 2019. In a nutshell, making mini-cobblers is like a hybrid of Dutch oven cooking and roasting a marshmallow over the fire.  In my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds, only way easier and a little less messy. My husband and I brought a pack of The Cobbler Sticks over to my in-law’s fire pit this weekend to try them out, and we are officially hooked. They are super easy to make, and the cleanup is minimal. All you need are your Cobbler Sticks, a pop-can of biscuit dough, and your favorite filling. You can even create a smore mini-cobbler, or you can venture with your favorite pie filling, pudding, and more. Since it was our first time roasting with the Cobbler Sticks, we kept it simple with chocolate pudding cups and whipped cream. To make the mini-cobblers, you...

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