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FCTRY Hillary Clinton doll

FCTRY:   Hillary Clinton is still surprising us   The presidential election may be over, but that doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton is out. You can have the presidential candidate back with FCTRY’S Hillary Clinton doll. Made of hard, durable, ever-lasting plastic, this Hillary Clinton Ready for Action Figure can withstand any scandal. Standing just 6 inches tall in her classic blue suit, Hillary can work out any problem facing the nation all while living in Barbie’s dream house. The Hillary Clinton doll allowed my daughter to right the wrongs of the former first lady’s political past; starting with kicking...

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Best Kids’ Ice Skates for 2018

I took four kids skating, paid 5 bucks to strap two torture devices to my feet, and had a blast for one hour. While I spent a portion of the time complaining deep within my soul about how horrible my rental skates felt, my kids seemed to be gliding on ice air. Truly, one could buy any of these kids’ ice skates and swish away happy. Best All Around Roces make a killer rollerblade, I know I use them, so it makes sense they would create a great ice skate. Watching my nine-year-old who blades all summer, even during...

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Best Shower Caddies of 2018

Spending money would be less stressful if we as customers could take things home and use them for a couple of weeks before making the difficult decision on whether to spend $20. When testing out products, I think of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a car out for a test drive, explaining he isn’t just going to go around the block. Instead the car needs to go on his daily errands before Kramer can decide if he’s going to recommend Jerry buy this car. In reality, buyer’s remorse is a part of the retail experience, that’s where I...

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Best Kids Backpack: Elias Elephant

Elias Elephant kids backpack Elias Elephant:   What happens when you pull the tongue? Just don’t try it on real animals…   This family replaces the word “covet” with T.O.L.  Did you see his new outdoor toy? It’s T.O.L. Check out that vacuum, it’s T.O.L. Camping with this family means us checking out your T.O.L. supplies. T.O.L.—top of the line. This family prefers B.S.—Bottom Shelf, a.k.a, a plastic shopping bag. Affenzahn Large Friend backpacks are just about the nicest thing dropped on the floor in this family’s house. This is a T.O.L. bag. For about a week my 4-year-old...

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Digital thermometer test against winter sickness

Little Martin’s:    For your kid’s sickness and testing the temperature on their oatmeal.   Most get lucky at the craps tables, or playing Bunco with their neighbors; my luck consists of my boss giving me a digital thermometer to test out and all my children get sick in time to use it. Basically, I have the karma of Jeffrey Dahmer despite me being bottom-shelf nice. Little Martin’s Drawer has a slew of products perfect for those little people in your life who fall victim to the awful things like fevers and congestion. This company also covers nursing and...

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