Author: Meg Sanders

Designer wine rack that holds up

Black+Blum wine rack Black+Blum:   “6 wine bottles on the wall – Good to go!”   Affordable and wine are two of the best words in the English language.  In French, it’s “abordable” and “du vin”. Italian? Why it’s “a prezzi accessibili” and “vino.” You can either believe I’m fluent in a number of languages, or super good at Google.  But I digress… THE DEETS This week via four screws and a stainless-steel wine rack thanks to Black+Blum, I enjoyed a little art deco on my kitsch kitchen wall. Following the Black+Blum product line, this affordable, yet well-made wine...

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Insulated water bottle for an Active Lifestyle

ThinkSport:  “Cold water stayed cold Hot water stayed just right, and both were BPA free.”   How much innovation is left in the design of a water bottle? Short of making the sucker fly, I didn’t think there was much to be done—I was wrong. FOR THE HEALTH CONSCIOUS Stainless steel, medical grade, and BPA free, the Thinksport insulated water bottle keeps in mind those who want to drink their beverage but also avoid harsh chemicals pouring into his/her body.  In my case, I haven’t really lost sleep over BPA, or even mold which can build up in bottles.  Maybe it’s...

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