Author: Thaddaeus Brodrick

Backpack Comparison Review

I will never be an international man of mystery. Which sadly means I will never get all the cool gadgets that come with such a lifestyle. I won’t carry a phone that doubles as a hang glider and harnesses the sun to charge itself. My suits will most likely never come equipped with a built-in parachute or hold hidden pockets for other gadgets. And my watches will most likely always be just a watch. The reason this truth hits me harder today more than any other time in my life–since this is not the first time I’ve faced this...

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GoWise Air Fryer

My Struggle I love food that is bad for me, and I am pretty sure everyone else does too. One of my favorite things to eat is ALL FRIED THINGS! Deep frying, a common practice in the South where I grew up, is where love and happiness are infused into food as they bathe in tasty golden oil. The problem is that this process isn’t what doctors would call “healthy.” Sure, it’s okay to eat from time to time, but a steady diet of fried things can lead to a number of health problems.  As a friend of the...

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Outdoor Cookware Review

I’m not much of a camper, but I do believe in being ready for the end of the world. So when the opportunity came to me to review camping cookware, I jumped on it with both feet. If shows like The Walking Dead or The Last Man on Earth have taught us anything, is that survivors need to be prepared for everything. Part of that preparation comes in the form of how you will cook your meals. Whether you’re fleeing from the undead or having to outrun a nuclear winter, it’s important to have durable cooking supplies that travel...

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black+blum Products Review

First Impression My first thought about the black + blum kitchenware is that my lifestyle is not green enough and that I am not fancy enough for this product. I, the guy who shows up for work with a sack full of last night’s spaghetti or a can of beans. The stainless steel kitchenware is a stark contrast to my doggy-bag eating habits. Having said that, it is really pretty to look at. A colorful silicone band encircles the mouth of each water bottle and connects the corresponding lid with an artificial leather band. The bamboo cutting board of...

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