Lana Medina

Lana spent more than 10 years in the media before she realized it was time to write something other than news. She was a newspaper reporter for the Standard Examiner and Deseret News in Utah as ‘Lana Groves’, and then a news producer at KUTV, CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City. When she’s not writing, she’s chasing after 2 little kids, her husband and 2 dogs.

Brittany Kutz

Brittany has an MA in English from Weber State University. She has written professionally for numerous publications and media outlets, including Salt Lake Magazine and KUTV News. She enjoys volunteer work, and loves traveling and sharing outdoor adventures with her son.

Liz Jarrad

Liz  is a Utah native, but since living in the UK for nearly a decade–is a decided anglophile. She graduated with a BS in technical writing and is the daughter of an award-winning advertiser and the granddaughter of an award-winning photojournalist. Writing runs in her blood, but so does research. Elizabeth is pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling–so writing in this vein is her particular passion. She is the mother of three anarchists.

Meg Sanders

Meg writes all things mom, women, mental health and politics for a Utah newspaper – the Standard Examiner.
When she’s not making calls from her office aka mini van or shuttling three kids, she’s thinking about going to the gym.
Meg always reviews thing in her head, so now she’s putting it down in type for others to share.
She hopes to review bottles of wine one day.

Carla Pruitt

Carla is a veteran journalist, technical writer, and web monkey for her construction firm in Salt Lake City. She is also a black belt diaper ninja and tantrum whisperer. When she isn’t trying to keep her toddler son from coloring on the walls, Carla is an avid runner and Crossfitter. She enjoys traveling, hiking, Diet Coke, and spending time with her family and dog Archer.

Alli Barnes

Alli is a full-time marketing analyst, snack guru and loves to seek adventure in the outdoors.  She is open and always willing to share her honest opinion even when it’s not asked for!

Emily Metcalf

Emily has a crew of three kiddos, one husband, and one rottweiler.  She takes them hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, and occasionally out for donuts.  She dabbles in community theatre and volunteers at her children’s school.

Meghan Thackrey

Meghan is a full-time working mom to a 1-year-old boy and step-mom to a 7-year-old boy. Life is busy, so she is always trying to find ways to make it easier! Isn’t that the point? So we can all enjoy life a bit more?!

Alex Frisch

Alex is a former New Englander living and loving life in the serene mountains of Park City, UT, has been published by the award winning Mountain Express Magazine since 2012. A serial thrill seeker, when Alex isn’t waist deep in powder or climbing that final ridge line, she’s chasing around her three mountain bulldogs! 


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