Baby Elephant



“Supports baby’s neck – and it’s so cute!”


Babies are so precious, and so fragile. The first time I held my son in my arms, the first thought that popped into my head is: am I doing this right?? What if I drop him? His neck is so floppy, is this angle comfortable?? He even comes with a soft spot on his head! But for the first few months, the really important thing is neck support.

I remember especially panicking about neck support every time he fell asleep, his little head flopping to the side in a car seat or in my arms. I kept trying to nudge him into a better position without waking him up – very, very difficult.

So when I saw Baby Elephant Ears, I couldn’t help thinking: Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s so simple but brilliant: an adorable headrest that gives your baby the neck support they need!

11-month-old baby girl tests it out too!

At Giggle Reviews, we did 2 tests with this product.

First, we tried it out on a baby just 3 months old. My friend’s baby girl – while busy pooping, sleeping, crying and sleeping some more all day – tested it out in a car seat. At that age, they need that extra neck support!

Trying to eat it!

Second, we tried it out on my little one when she was 11 months old. My little one is old enough to not only hold up her own head, but she constantly swivels around looking at every new thing she sees and complaining if she can’t grab it and put it in her mouth. You would think she doesn’t need the neck support, but I still really liked Baby Elephant Ears for her.

  • Stroller support
  • Changing table
  • Baby swing
  • Car seat
  • Bouncer

Even at her age, she (and I) loved using the Baby Elephant Ears during trips in the stroller. But my favorite use by far was the changing table.

My little one hates (loathes is a more accurate term) being changed. This screaming fest boils down to being set down on a hard changing pad – or worse, the fold down option at the public restroom – while someone wipes at her tush. We recently went to Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake, and of course, after 3 hours there, needed to change her bum.

Neck support for baby!

Baby Elephant Ears

Machine Washable
Neck Support
Easy to use

Neck support for baby!

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Adorable ‘elephant ears’ that support your baby’s neck in style! Not only will your little one be happier (and not crying as much), but those cute little ‘ears’ will make you go Awwwww!”

Lana Medina

I had been using the Baby Elephant ears while walking around with her in a stroller, but grabbed it with me when heading to the restroom. The Baby Elephant Ear – in an adorable Barnyard Minky ear design – gave her added neck support along with a comfortable headrest during the changing experience. For once, no tears!

Sleep support:

Baby Elephant Ears aren’t meant to be used in a crib, but when my baby girl would fall asleep in a stroller and her head would fall to the far side of the stroller, in the past all I could do was try to move her head back and then watch in frustration as gravity later won.

Neck support & comfort

With this neck support tool, I could easily slip this under her head (WITHOUT waking her up) and voila! It makes me rest just about as easy as it does her!

Do older babies NEED this?

I think it’s more important for infants in that early stage who need a neck support pillow. For my little girl, who is almost 1 years old, I still loved having it. This isn’t meant as a safety tool, but something to help comfort your little one – a snug pillow headrest that keeps them happy.

Final Say:

Adorable ‘elephant ears’ that support your baby’s neck in style! Not only will your little one be happier (and not crying as much), but those cute little ‘ears’ will make you go Awwwww!