“You’re going to be on your feet a lot as a new mom, and you’re not leaving the house that much. Some comfy slippers give that new mom a little comfort when she needs it most.

Especially at 3am when there’s a baby crying and all she really wants to do is sleep..”

“With or without her new bundle of joy, a nice relaxing bath sounds like just the ticket to rejuvenating any new mom after a long, exhausting day.

And bonus – it’s made with organic ingredients!”

“I’ve had 2 kids and let me tell you – whenever you’re not loving that bundle of joy, you’re sleeping.

Anything that makes you feel more comfortable as you recover from pushing a 7lb+ kid out of your va-jay-jay, is worth it.”

“Few new moms love their belly post partum. A baby just came out of there – it’s not going to suddenly go from round to flat.

The truth? Your belly will take another 2 months to go down – and even then – don’t expect miracles. Sometimes, we need a little extra help.”

“When you’re going to be up several times in the middle of the night with a baby latched on… chocolate is in order.

For new moms, chocolate is mandatory.”

“Kids add years. Especially babies. Say good-bye to a good night’s sleep for awhile.

But this face mask could help give that new mom-to-be a little bit back.

If nothing else, some ‘Me’ time, is really really welcome.”

“You’re carrying around all that extra weight, sometimes you need an extra boost. Compression socks can keep that wonderful mom-to-be going when she’s ready to take a nap. 10 times during the day.

It’s a baby shower gift to help mom the most.”

“When you don’t have time for a massage… because let’s face, what new mom does? Bring the massage to mom!

This nifty relaxing device can attach to a car seat, or just strap it to a pillow or chair for a quick boost to relieve stress!”

“When in doubt, get that awesome mom-to-be a gift card so she can get those last minute items she needs & wants.

Without having to worry as much about the cost.”