Lunchboxes for every outing 


People are always on the go. Whether you are a mom running kids from one end of town to the other, or a college student rushing around campus, we are all out and about with things to do and places to go. But one thing that everyone has is common is the basic need of hunger. We all need to eat but we cant all stop at Mcdonalds five times a day.  

 With my family, I never leave the house without an ample supply of snacks to keep us going. Splash pads, rodeos, Costco runs, wherever we are going I know my husband and son wont last more than two hours without asking for a treat. For that reason, I am always on the lookout for a good lunchbox I can tote around town with my family.  

 In my search I have come across three totally different lunchboxes that are perfect for any type of outing!  


Best for kids 


My personal favorite find is the clear lunch bag from Clear Handbags. They come in two different sizes, small and large, they feature an adjustable shoulder strap, and they have a smaller storage compartment on the front.  

 There are so many reasons why I love these bags. For me, these bags are the perfect size! When I go out for the day, the small one is big enough to hold enough snacks for the whole day but not too big that it is hard to bring. The large one is great for weekend getaways when you need to bring more snacks. They are also super light and easy to carry around or stuff in the back seat of the car. 

 But the real reason I love these bags is the fact that they are clear. No more digging around looking for one particular thing and definitely no more listing off every snack in the bag six different times for the kids trying decide which one they want. Everyone can look at the bag for themselves, choose what they want, and simply grab it. Its a triple win for every wife and mother out there.  


Best for lunch 


If you are looking for a lunchbox to take lunch to school or work in, the Lillie Home Stackable Lunchbox is the one for you. This lunch box features fours stainless steel, thermal compartments that are each a different size to hold different things. The compartments twist on top of one another with a handle on top to hold them all together. It also comes with an insulated bag and shoulder strap, a stainless steel spoon, and so many cute color options for each personality.  

This lunch box is the best for sending someone off with a hot lunch or a few healthy snacks. I can pack all of my husbands favorite foods in each compartment and he can easily grab it on his way out the door. Its compact size and easiness to use make it so convenient for him to eat healthy while hes working all day instead of stopping by the gas station for a soda and cookies.   


Best for a multi-functional lunchbox 


The Black + Blum Stainless Steel Lunchbox is an interesting option because this lunchbox is more than just a lunchbox. First of all, it has a silicon lid to prevent leaks, it comes with a divider in the middle for multiple foods, and it comes with a stainless steel fork that can be stored on the side. Its great for packing an actual meal, like last nights dinner leftovers, instead of just several snacks. I did find it difficult to close the lid and pull the silicon strap over the lunchbox, but those are small details compared to everything this lunchbox can do. 

Now here is the really cool part. It can also can cook meals in the oven or store food in the freezer! Now you can prepare meals, store them in the freezer, grab them on your way out the door or cook them when you actually need it. Goodbye cold lasagna, hello fresh from the oven meals!  

Finding the right lunchbox for your needs can be difficult but once you find it, life becomes fives time better than ever before. No matter who you are or where you are going, there is a lunchbox out there for you! 


Clear Handbags 

Easiness to use – 5 stars 

Easiness to clean – 5 stars 

Prices – 5 stars 


Lillie Home Stackable Lunchbox 

Easiness to use – 5 stars 

Easiness to clean – 5 stars 

Price – 4 stars 


Black + Blum Stainless Steel Lunchbox 

Easiness to use – 4 stars 

Easiness to clean – 5 stars 

Price – 4 stars 


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