I’ll be blunt, I’m a sandals girl. Flip flops, strappy designs, no heel – just keep it open toed and I’m a happy gal. So when I started testing out ZenZee’s newest college kick’s shoes, it felt like a whole different shoe game.

They seem like the exact opposite of sandals: closed toed, open heel. Just at first glance, it reminded me of a specially designed slipper but with a really thick sole.

I was skeptical – this wasn’t my normal footwear.

But then I actually started walking around in them. And trust me, I put some serious miles on these kicks. They were comfy. More than comfy, I forgot I was wearing them. You wouldn’t believe how often I was stopped by someone complimenting my shoes and I would look down, surprised until I remembered I wasn’t wearing sandals.

These are ZenZee’s varsity stripe knit kicks, and while wearing them, I found myself reminiscing back to my high school and college days (don’t ask how long ago…) And I was a major Utes fan in my day – the stereotypical college kid who put off studies to tailgate, so the red & white design was perfect.

And with tailgating season coming up (GO UTES!!), you can bet what I’ll be wearing for the first home game.

So, I’ve listed a ton of pros. But there is a very serious downside to this shoe. I mentioned how often I was stopped by people checking out my kicks? Several people actually wanted to try them on. I’m not the type to share her shoes, but how do you say, ‘Get your own!’ without sounding rude?

Especially since I got the sneak peek at Zenzee’s fall line. So I’ll just say it online: Lay off my shoes and go order your own! I’ll even be nice, here’s a link. You’re welcome.

They're comfy, stylish, & tons of compliments

Are these college kicks worth it?

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They're comfy, stylish, & tons of compliments

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