“It’s like taking your home changing station

into your car.”


As soon as our babies get older and a little more durable, and we stop panicking about every little thing, we want to get them outside. Parks, playgrounds, hikes, grandparent’s house, pretty much anywhere but the grocery store – those are dangerous with kids. But once you venture outdoors and out of the safety of your own house – where everything you need is at your fingertips – things become 10X more difficult. Like diaper changing.

There are plenty of restrooms with diaper changing stations at restaurants and the occasional store. When it comes to trips to the playground, park, hiking trails, and yes, grandparent’s house – good luck with that.

Changing baby in car = misery

I’ve taken to changing my baby in the car. She hates it. Actually, that’s an understatement. She cries and screams in misery – she loathes it that much. Changing a baby in the car is frustrating, it’s hard to reach diapers, wipes and butt paste, and that doesn’t even mention the angle of the actual car seat (not baby car seat, the adult version) – it’s not designed for changing infants. Their heads wind up cramped as you hurry as fast as possible to change their diaper while trying to console the upset newborn.

That’s why I fell in love with Beanko’s mobile changing station. I spotted it first at the ABC Kids Expo. Instead of digging for diapers & wipes, everything is at your fingertips. It attaches to the front of your car’s seat (I use the passenger seat that my husband rarely ever sits in) and has pockets for wipes, diapers, butt paste, baby bottle, and any other toy or electronic device you need.


Once you unbuckle the mobile changing station, out comes a sturdy changing mat that lays flat on the seat. This is the real beauty of Beanko’s design – instead of the awkward cramped angle of a normal car seat, your darling can lay flat on the changing mat.

The Test

I tested it out on a recent trip to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, where the bathrooms are not to be trusted. If you doubt me, just ask the homeless person who takes over the bathroom near my 4-year-old’s favorite playground.

My baby needed to be changed. I first tried it out without the mobile changing station. No surprise, my baby girl was really upset no matter how much I hurried.

On round 2: I tried changing her with the mobile changing station. Huge difference. She was changed on a flat surface with padded sides so her head doesn’t bump into the car seat buckle. It was like taking her home changing station to the park with me.

Take your changing station with you on the road

Mobile Changing Station

Comfort for baby
Durable design
From baby to toddler
Storage function

Take your changing station with you on the road

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“Good purchase for moms who want to leave their house and be able to change their baby without a lot of stress. When your baby is happy, you’re happier too.”

Lana Medina

Detachable Pad

It’s not just for your car. The changing pad detaches by zipper (along with a comfortable pillow pad) to take with you inside grandparent’s house or somewhere else you need to go. When you’re back in your car, just zip it back together.

After baby?

Toddler’s entertainment & storage

Let’s be honest, all the baby products out there are great. But once they get older, it seems like they go in storage waiting for the next one, or to your next garage sale. But this mobile changing station can morph into your baby turned toddler’s mobile entertainment center. Just turn it around the seat (see picture) and it works for older kids.

  • Need wipes for sticky hands? It’s now right at their sticky fingertips.
  • Need toys not laying on the floor of your car? Right in the pockets
  • Need electronics (tablet, etc.)? Fits inside the pockets – right at the back of your seat.

It literally grows with your baby. In my case, I just use it for both kids.


If your significant other (or an older kid) needs to sit in the passenger seat next to you, even with the mobile changing station buckled up, it’s going to be an awkward seat. On the plus side, it’s easy enough to detach. It buckles around the seat and around the headrest. Just unbuckle and store it elsewhere until you need it. Or, just flip it around the seat so it now sits behind the passenger.

Most moms I know use their passenger seat for purses, diaper bags, cell phone and other random items. So keeping it buckled in place there until you need it, doesn’t seem to be a big problem.

Final Say:

Good purchase for moms who want to leave their house and be able to change their baby without a lot of stress. When your baby is happy, you’re happier too.

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