Cabinets of chemicals, doors leading to steep stairs, and toilet bowls with pooled water of doom, there are so many ways curious kids can hurt themselves during their explorations. I didn’t realize until my son became mobile how necessary child proofing locks were. Any door he has access to he tries to open and everything he can get into his mouth he will put there. The day he found cords as entertainment I realized I needed to investigate child proofing mechanisms.

When looking for ways to childproof a home I want secure, quick, easy and tool free. I want zero hassle. The 10 locks reviewed below are some of the best safety locks around for cabinets and doors. All are quick and easy to apply—no tools necessary. Plus they won’t damage your furniture or appliances upon removal when your kid is past the eating out of the garbage phase!

Kloob Ok Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Applying the Kloob Ok Baby Safety Cabinet Lock to my bathroom cabinet took all of two seconds. Kloob Ok says they are simple to use and they aren’t lying.  All I had to do was open the package, peel the paper off the 3M stickers on the back of the lock and slap it on the cabinet surface. No adjustment needed. The locks are so simple to use. Just move the blue slide on the bottom of the lock with your thumb backwards and then lift the hook up to unlock. The 3M adhesive is incredibly strong. My relentless toddler won’t be breaking into the bathroom cabinet anytime soon. Ha! I would have put them on my kitchen cabinets, but my cabinets were installed by giants and are so high up I can only get stuff out of them if I stand on my tippy toes, so no child-proofing necessary.  

The safety locks are attractive as well. Granted they won’t be winning any Model of the Year Awards, but they are anything but tacky and are whiter than my tub, so it makes my bathroom look clean and I’m all about that. The only issue is that the safety lock should only be applied to a flat surface with no more than one inch between doors. If you have raised filigree adorning your cabinets that you are trying to place the lock on, then you won’t get the result you are looking for.

Best for Cabinet Corners:
Jessa Leona Baby Proofing Locks

If you have furniture or appliances with odd angles, corners or curves, then the Jessa Leona Baby Proofing Locks may be your child proofing answer. The adjustable strap feature gives you flexibility to maneuver around those issues. Just find a clean, flat surface to adhere to, adjust the strap to the length you desire, remove the adhesive and stick it where you want it—simple as A-B-C. They come in black, white or brown color options to better blend with your interior. I tried out the baby proofing lock in white.

I applied one of the Jessa Leona Baby Proofing locks to my upstairs toilet by placing the lock end on the toilet lid and the other end to the side of the toilet.  My toddler hasn’t tried to stick his head in, yet, but we have had dogs drink out of the bowl (makes me gag thinking about it), so I thought securing the toilet should be a top priority. I had my husband try out the lock without telling him how. He figured it out quickly; you just slide the lock forward and lift up. He easily snapped the lock back in place when he shut the lid to the toilet. In a way it is more than a child safety lock. It is also a constant reminder for the hubs to put the toilet seat down!

The locks are great for cabinets, drawers, trash cans, toilets, windows and other similar items. It can be used on stoves and refrigerators, but the heft of those appliances makes me wary that the lock would be able to hold as well as the lengthier and thicker Baby Lodge Adjustable Multi-Use Locks.

The Baby Lodge Adjustable Multi-Use Locks

Heavy duty appliances need a heavy duty lock. The Baby Lodge Adjustable Multi-Use Locks mean business. Baby Lodge boasts having “really superior” hold with the largest lock size (2.4x1.6 inches), to cover the largest surface area (5.5 inches of adjustable strap), with great strength and hold (thanks to 3M adhesive). I’m imagining using one of these to hold my trunk shut when it is too full and won’t close. I am sure it would work. Baby Lodge says their baby locks work everywhere except on heated surfaces!

Like the Jessa Leona Baby Proofing Locks, the Baby Lodge Adjustable Multi-Use Locks are versatile. The straps are flexible, so they can wrap around corners and crazy curves. I chose to try out one of the locks on my fridge. No awkward angles there, but my toddler likes to get into the fridge almost as much as he likes to steal the remote. He tries to pull out the bottles of alcohol from the fridge door—we really need to change up our system.

I adjusted the strap to the length I wanted, peeled back the paper on the adhesive and slapped it between my fridge doors. It didn’t take very long to apply, but it took only seconds to forget it was there. The white of the strap blended well among the multitude of magnets and against the white background. I went for a soda and tried my usual fling the fridge door open, but it didn’t budge and I almost fell on my butt. I forgot to unlock the safety lock! It made the bottles in the fridge rattle, so it also is a deterrent for night snacking—everyone in the house would know my sins. I regained my composure, pinched the locking device inward to open and quenched my thirst.

Although this lock can work on almost every surface, I would use it on bigger appliances like stoves, fridges, toilets, dishwashers, and car trunks. It is large and may overpower your drawers, cabinets and smaller appliances and containers. The locks come in six packs of white or blue. They don’t claim to be aesthetically pleasing, but they are safe, which is what matters.

Best for Heavy Duty Appliances:
Best for Doors:
Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

When I was a kid my mom told me how my aunt got her finger cut off in a door when they were little. Something to the effect of my mom slamming a door not knowing my aunt’s finger was in the opening and then they had to find the finger and put it on ice to reattach it.  The image never left me and whenever anyone wraps their fingers around the inside of the door to hold it open or when I see a kid put their fingers on the hinged side of a door, I cringe.

Door Monkey is a great pinch guard and door lock. The construction of the child proofing device allows for the door to be propped (but locked) open so air can still circulate into the room, while preventing the cringe-inducing pinch problem. Door Monkey has two key ends that are simple to apply. The first end clamps onto your door and the other end has a latch that pulls against your door frame to keep your child from opening the door. The latch end has a hook that you pull to unlock the door and can also hang on your door knob if it isn’t in current use.  You can unlock the door from both sides to prevent any accidental lock-ins, so it is super safe.

Note that the door lock only works with standard 1-3/8” thick interior doors and standard door frames.  My home has nonstandard doors—I could only find one that fit the bill to test the Door Monkey on. This is not an issue for most homes or it wouldn’t say “standard.” My problem was that the doors were the correct thickness, but the door frames were curved, so the latch had nothing to connect to. Door Monkey sells an optional catch for nonstandard door stop molding, so all hope is not lost.

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

The Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches are unique in their construction. Instead of a simple slide or push of a button, the release requires dual button action, which—and here is the best part—can be unlatched from either end of the lock. And, even better, it can be rotated out of the way when not in use. The simultaneous two button push-and-lift is not too complex for adults, but tricky enough to outsmart your mini-Houdini.

The strap in the middle is not adjustable, but it is flexible, so it can be used to secure corner cabinets, refrigerators, drawers, toilet seats and other appliances. If your kid is a whiz at figuring out child proof locks, you should skip the two count and go straight for the 8-pack of these sturdy latches.

Best for Outwitting A Mini-Houdini:
Best for Cabinets with Handles/Knobs:
Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks, U Shaped Baby Safety Locks Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

The Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks mean business. I am almost certain the Girl Scout camp I went to decades ago locked up the craft cabinets with these. It broke my little heart the year the string and beads were no longer a free-for-all. Nothing says a cabinet is off limits like a U-shaped baby safety lock woven through the handles. They are an excellent deterrent.

The Adoric is also excellent in that it requires no adhesive to work, so rest easy that it won’t ruin your furniture upon removal. It also has an extra-long U-shaped latch that adjusts to a maximum of 5,” allowing it to work with round knobs or D-shaped handles. To unlock, two buttons need to be pressed simultaneously, which is difficult for babies—like I said, excellent deterrent.

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks

I wish I had known about tool-free concealed locks before doing this review. I had a beagle that loved to open our lower kitchen cabinet with his nose to get into our trashcan. Their snouts are crazy powerful. I installed a lock that required screws and now I wish I had opted for a lock like the Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks, which don’t require damaging furniture. Jambini’s locks use a 3M sticker to adhere the lock to the inside of your cabinet. Unless someone tries to open the cabinet, they would have no idea any child proofing has taken place.

To unlock the device, wave a magnet (the key that comes with the locks) over the area. When you hear a click, then it is ready to be open. A four pack of locks comes with one magnetic key and the eight pack comes with two. When you aren’t using the key to unlock your cabinets, just rest it on your fridge, stove or any other magnetic surface you fancy.

My favorite part is the flip switch used to disengage the lock for times when there aren’t any small children (or beagles) in the vicinity. This lock would be great for daycares or grandparents—really anyone who wants to maintain the aesthetic of their home (sans visible child safety locks) with the ability to disengage the lock when necessary.

Best for Ninja Qualities (Ability to Disengage and Conceal):
Best for Fast Cabinet Handle Lock-Up:
Dreambaby Sliding Locks

The Dreambaby Sliding Locks are the fastest way to lock up cabinet doors with knobs or D-shaped handles. No installation is required, just loop them over the knobs or through the handles, push down and slide the lock to tighten. It can be removed just as easy.

In my opinion they resemble zip ties, but they don’t need to be cut off to remove and they aren’t as complicated. I’m going to get the 9-pack for my dad (they come in 3, 6 or 9 pack options) he likes to decorate the house for Halloween and staple guns and zip ties are his go to. But zip ties are persnickety about which end is entered in the lock and need to be cut to remove and can’t be reused. With Dreambaby Sliding Locks he can contain cords and hang up blacklights quickly and securely year after year.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

The Regional Homes Magnetic Cabinet Locks are my favorite of the cabinet locks for several reasons. The first reason is concealment. I prefer my child proof locks to be hidden. I feel the ones I have on display catch my sons eye and encourage his need to tinker. Secondly, the magnetic cabinet lock doesn’t require tools to install. The installation cradle and catch stick securely to the inside of the cabinet with 3M adhesive—as long as they have a flat surface to adhere. To unlock, wave a magnetic key over the catch.

Very similar to the Jambini, the main difference is the cost. What I love most about Ella’s Magnetic Cabinet Locks are that they cost less than $2 each. They come in 10 and 12 packs to cover a large portion of cabinets in your home. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee! Just don’t lose the magnetic keys—for the 12 pack they only give you two magnetic keys. They don’t seem to sell replacements.

Best Bang for Your Buck: