Best card game for adults

This card game takes the top spot of the best card games for adults. We had 9 people playing the game over several hours. The game is relatively simple: you lay down one card from the deck and the person judging picks one of their own cards to play before or after – to tell a story. Then every other player picks a card to lay down to finish the story. Let me be clear: this card game is for adults and adults only. The cards are covered with blue shirted and green shirted figures, and pretty much every card is either dirty, inappropriate, sexist, or something else really really disgusting.

The red-outlined cards are 10X worse. When you lay down a red-outlined card, you have what’s called the bonus round and each player sets down 2 cards to create a really disturbing story. The makes of Joking Hazards – Cyanide and Happiness – don’t hold back. But because it’s a card game, it’s hilarious. As long as you don’t take anything in the story personally. If there’s any complaint – we really wanted to see an expansion pack. Cyanide & Happiness team: that’s all we really want for Christmas!

Everyone knows this game. This also fits into the category of not suitable for anyone but adults. And even then, be forewarned. Just as inappropriate as Joking Hazards but with more options. In every round, the player judging asks one question from a black card and the rest of the players answer with a white card from their hand.

The makers of Cards Against Humanity are not just hilarious, horrible people, they’re also sneaking around trying to make the world a better place. Bizarrely enough. Just in the last few days (of this review being posted), Cards Against Humanity was raising money for school supplies and to send kids on field trips, all in the guise of preventing them from doing too much homework. For horrible people, they’re surprisingly philanthropic. But let’s not forget that one campaign where they raised money to buy a plot of land to stop President Donald Trump from building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. How could you forget since it was just last month?

Best card game for horrible people
Best card game for families (with a sense of humor)

This card game took Kickstarter by storm (200,000+ backers raised $8 million – your brain just exploded right?!). But our team of highly-ish trained reviewers had to decline playing this game though, because with 9 people, that maxed out the rules of 2-5 players. So I took the game home to my own family: a former Army flight medic, a 4-year-old who likes to throw cards, and a 10-month-old that likes to eat cards. Had to give that one up, and instead played it with friends who have older kids (who don’t eat or throw cards). This game is essentially Russian Roulette, but with exploding kittens. Even the card game box explains it this way.

The box claims it takes 2 minutes to figure out how to play. I beg to differ. Even without alcohol, it took us 5-10 minutes to get the hang of it. Essentially, players draw cards until someone picks an exploding kitten and wants to cry because they’ve lost (and a kitten exploded). You can ‘defuse’ the situation by playing cards with laser pointers or catnip sandwiches, or playing a myriad of other cards in the deck to help avoid an exploding kitten. But eventually, the inevitable happens and a kitten explodes.

Partly kidding, but this is a much much much more tame version of the 3 card games previously mentioned. It’s Uno: you try to get rid of the 7 cards in your hand by matching colors or numbers with the card your fellow player just played and try to avoid the dreaded DRAW 4 and DRAW 2 cards.

My family has loved this game for at least a decade, and tend to play a sneaky illegal version where you can play one DRAW 4 after another – possibly leading to some miserable person drawing 16 cards. Right after you play your second to last card, you better shout UNO, because if you don’t, someone will call you out on it. Then you have one final nerve-racking round to get rid of that final card or start to draw. And once you start to draw, it never ends.

Best card game for families (without a sense of humor)