I learned quickly doing this review how beneficial it is to have a diaper caddy. Diaper caddies quicken the necessary and monotonous task of diaper changing. They allow you to store the changing essentials in one place for ease of access. Caddies are meant to compliment any nursery, so most are neutral colors—read as most are grey. With a few exceptions, many of them are portable with handles and lightweight fabric, and collapsible for travel.

The ones reviewed are some of the best. They are multi-functional (can be graduated from diaper holder to toy storage, craft storage, etc), spacious, sturdy, stylish, and make amazing gifts!

JoLayLe Baby Diaper Caddy:

I learned a lot about polyester doing this review. The JoLayle Baby Diaper Caddy is 100% polyester, which means it is strong, quick drying (mildew resistant), and durable. Polyester retains its shape because it is resistant to stretching, shrinking and abrasions, so this diaper caddy won’t sag when empty. A little stiff, but still lightweight and foldable for portability. The fabric is gray with a beige trim, making it neutral enough to compliment any room and it looks great when being carried around. It is stylish—my husband even agrees.

The 14 x 9.5 x 7 diaper caddy comes with sturdy t-shaped Velcro dividers to help with organization. The caddy is extremely convenient. I don’t have to search the house for all my sons baby care items (diapers, wipes, extra onesies, food and other accessories), I just reach in the caddy and everything I need is right there.

The portability, durability and stylishness make the JoLayLe the perfect diaper caddy to take traveling. Just pack it in a suitcase and unfold it and fill it up when you get to your destination. Take it to the beach or the park and if it gets dirty just spot clean it with a damp cloth and air dry.

Oh, you also get eight pockets for the price of six. The JoLayLe advertises six outer pockets, but I have it in my possession and there are eight.

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Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy:

When I saw the Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy the first thing I noticed were the brown leather handles. The rest of the caddy is a trendy grey, but the handles take it to another level—a no-nonsense level. I imagine this diaper caddy in the office of an attorney using it to store her breast pump, so she can crush her professional and mothering goals simultaneously.

The water-resistant PU leather handles and thick grey felt fabric would look great in any office, room, or car. My hubby hates carrying around a diaper bag but would have no qualms storing diapers and wipes in his car if he had this caddy. The size is considerable at 15 x 10 x 7, so it can store at least a week worth of diapers of any size inside. The removable inserts and eight outer pockets (two large and six small) help with keeping things organized—no more searching for the butt cream and baby wipes with them all in one place. The Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy is perfect for the practical and professional person.  

Littlest Sweet Diaper Caddy:

Unlike most felt diaper caddies, Littlest Sweet Diaper Caddy isn’t scratchy, rough or unfinished on the edges. The edges are designed to be smooth and the fabric used is incredibly soft. Felt in general is wear resistant, so the caddy should last a long time. The bottom and sides are sturdy, so it holds shape even without the removable dividers.

The caddy is spacious at 14 x 10 x 7 with six small pockets and two bigger pockets.  The roomy inside, resilient fabric and grey color—which seems to be a diaper caddy color standard–make the Littlest Sweet look good in any room. If you no longer need the caddy to hold diapers, it can be collapsed down and put away or easily transitioned into storage for something else like crafts, toys, books or socks—whatever fills your basket.

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Pandiee Diaper Caddy with Bonus Card Holder:

Grey felt fabric, outer pockets (eight in total), removable dividers, collapsible design, roomy and multifunctional inside (14 x 9 x 7) —all positives and great reasons to buy this modern diaper caddy, but they aren’t qualities that make Pandiee stand out from the competition.

What is unique about Pandiee Diaper Caddy is the double layer of felt used for extra support and firmer structure. The bottom stays sturdy when loaded with baby essentials and half a dozen full soda cans for tired mommy—no saggy bottom here.

And don’t forget the bonus card holder that matches the caddy! The wallet adds to the organization-palooza, helping moms stay prepared and stylish when on the go.

Munchkin SaraBear Portable Diaper Caddy:

All the diaper caddies would make great baby shower gifts, but the Munchkin SaraBear Portable Diaper Caddy screams fill me up, wrap me in cellophane and tie a bow on top. The base is a shaker-style, tightly woven wood basket with a collapsible handle. A cotton liner inserted in the basket provides the storage compartments (4 small and one large) that hold the diapers, burp cloths, and baby wipes. So cute when put together!

The 100 percent cotton liner can be purchased in white, yellow or green stripes—sophisticated unisex options. Grey, surprisingly and refreshingly, is not a color option. The SaraBear is stylish and practical to provide storage in any room. The only complaints I have are that the bottom of the basket is known to scratch up furniture, so it should be set on a cloth, and the caddy isn’t designed for travel (besides around the house) because it doesn’t collapse.

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ECOHIP Diaper Caddy:

ECOHIP Diaper Caddy is the most affordable on this list. The caddy measures at a spacious 16 x 9 x 7 for only $11.99. The caddy can hold dozens of diapers, most wipe containers, a changing pad and other baby essentials.  It looks similar to the other grey felt carriers reviewed, but is cheaper, has longer pockets (4 large) and only one removable divider instead of two (keeping it simple). It is practical, stylish, roomy, portable and durable.

The ECOHIP also comes with a faux fur pom pom keychains. I was excited about the charm because my son loves them. I own three similar key chains already—one for him to hold in the car, one on my diaper bag and one on my hiking back pack. They are super soft and great at distracting babies.

If you are looking for a simple, modern diaper caddy with ample storage space (and a cute key chain) at a cheap price, this is the best option.

Little Tinkers World 2-Piece Diaper Caddy:

The Little Tinkers World Diaper Caddy is approximately 25% bigger than standard size diaper caddies at 16 x 11.5 x 9. I filled the caddy immediately in preparation for a camping trip with my toddler. I stuffed it with a week worth of diapers, wipes, food, bibs, medicine, toys, books and shoes—all things I don’t want to have to hunt down in the middle of the night with a flashlight. I refer to it as my Mary Poppins bag—I just reach in and pull out what I need as if by magic.

The caddy has three color options—grey, navy blue or pink. It comes with a matching felt tray to set aside earrings, keys or other small knick-knacks—the tray is essentially a piece of felt with some snaps attached to fold up the edges. Useful if you need more room to store your accessories, but not really a draw.

Little Tinkers Diaper Caddy has removable t-shaped inserts, so it can be collapsed down to fit in a suitcase. It is made of wool and polyester felt, so it will last a long time—it better because I have a lot of travel plans for this caddy!

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Parker Baby Diaper Caddy (formerly known as The Good Baby):

I didn’t know about diaper caddies until I started reviewing them. Now, I can’t imagine not having one. I had been using a small, clear plastic bin that only fit a handful of diapers (and nothing else) for a little over a year. It was so nice to be presented with a roomier, sophisticated option like the Parker Baby Diaper Caddy.

The Parker Baby is made of grey felt with adjustable compartments. It is lightweight and portable. It has eight outer pockets for small items like teething rings and pacifiers. It looks good in any room and has size options to fit your needs. I am all about storage space because my house is seriously lacking in that department, so I prefer the 16 x 10 x 7 caddy, but there is a 13 x 9 x 7 caddy available as well—still bigger than the bin I was using.

Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot:

I got rid of my changing table early on because I found myself swapping my son’s diapers out everywhere except the station—mostly because my son tries his hardest to fling himself off high places. When I had the changing table, I would have loved the Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot. It attaches to and hangs from most changing tables with sides up to one inch in width, keeping the diapers, wipes, baby oil and butt cream in an arm’s reach.

The Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot is clear, so it fits in with any nursery. It is plastic, and has removable side bins, so it is easy to clean. It holds up to 18 large or cloth diapers (more if they are smaller sizes) and is compatible with the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer.

And bonus, if you have a Graco Pack and Play that you use to let your baby nap in like I did for many months, the diaper changing station can fit on the side of it too!

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