So I’m a single mom. And when I was married there was a lot more of me cooking persnickety things and there were a lot more leftovers. Now I’m divorced and my budget has been streamlined. Lately I tend to buy smaller quantities and go to the store more often. That is, as and when I have the money to go. So, when I picked up the assignment to write a review on food storage, I thought I was going to be picking up food to taste test and give to my kids. Like freeze dried ice cream and powdered milk. Ahh…that kind of food storage. The containers you put leftovers in and they sit in your fridge and then you throw them out when mold has overtaken the container. Evening snacks now consist of the cold dinner that wasn’t eaten when it was supposed to be eaten (think Oscar the Grouch-he gets his food at the bottom of the garbage can if that’s what’s going).

When I do have leftovers now, they get eaten up. Sorry kids, if you eat all the snack foods at the beginning of the week and you don’t have any by the end of the week, that’s just the way the cookie monster crumbles. So, this single mom is going to take her food storage review very seriously. I am determined to discover which of these brands of food storage containers I have been asked to review does not lose its lids. For years I have been fed up with searching and searching for the correct lids that are supposed to fit with my various food storage containers-only to give up and wrap a perfectly good leftover meal in the cheapest brand of plastic cling film. Hopefully my search (and yours) is over.


This Food Storage Set Contains:

  • This brand carries range of sizes for food storage and I used a number of them. The premium collection boasts tempered glass for oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher, and the Trueseal lid “locks air out, seals freshness in.”  



Wow! Look how these stack. Look at these colors. I mean what exactly are these colors? Azure, Sea Foam, Duck Egg, Spring Morn? I mean, probably. They look so good inside my fridge in fact, that they make the inside of my fridge look clean. Or at least, you don’t notice the crusty milk rings from the milk carton because you cannot take your eyes off how these containers stack in there. I did the upside down shaky thing as well, and these lids did not come off either! Modern technological conveniences make life worth living don’t they? All joking aside, though, isn’t it nice to be that neighbor that takes over a hot meal for the old lady while also having matching food storage containers? With beautifully colored lids? Hey old lady, I want my matching lids back.

And a little bit more about these lids. So, I like chili and I make the best chili. I take the process very seriously but my children don’t like it as much as I do. I make a big batch and then it needs to last me the week for dinner when the baby daddy has the kids. When I put the leftover chili into the Anchor Hocking containers and put the lid on, I heard this pffff sound. Like it pushed out extra air that was in the container-which probably means no mold growth! That’s good because I like my fungi in white wine sauce, not with my chili (I did like that fun guy I went out with on Sunday. He bought me a nice glass of chardonnay).

Best of Chic Food Storage (for you Yuppies)

This Food Storage Set Contains:


  • For this review, I was given one square food container dish with a snap on orange lid. It also contained a triangular sandwich holder and another tiny adorable triangle container with a lid for salad dressing, or something else to accompany the sandwich like hummus. The lid also came with a tiny pump to compress the air out of the container. It is dishwasher safe (probably top rack).


Food storage? No. This is not food storage. This is packing sammies in style. Can anyone say chic magnifique? If I decided to join a swanky ad agency downtown instead of freelance in my pajamas, this would be the food storage container for moi. Never again could I go back to just any old food storage container, without the proper lids, no matter the brand of the cling film. Look what I did here. I got out my finest homemade sammie ingredients just for the occasion. Some organic baby plum tomatoes, some finely sliced swiss cheese and free-range nitrate free smoked turkey. Some balsamic glaze I drizzled and along with the extra virgin olive oil, it danced all over the top of my turkey and swiss. Until I went to cut it in half to fit it into the sammie container. And I sliced it the wrong way. So I had to slice it again.

The sammie stayed deliciously fresh, it was just really small. And I looked rather like a yuppie when I finally got out my container to eat my tiny turkey sammie. I think people thought I was quite posh carrying that little sandwich container around with me. Next time, an arugula salad with homemade dressing should do the trick. People would never again wonder if I was posh or not. There would be no question in their little minds. This is the pinot grigio of food storage containers, in my not so humble opinion.


This food storage set contains:


  • This brand has a wide range of food storage containers. From casserole dishes to bottle shakers. For this product review, I had six smaller food storage sets that would hold about 1 ½ to 2 cups of food. I thought they would be great for storing things like freshly chopped onions, limes and cilantro for a taco buffet.


These are cute little things as you can see. They’re perfectly round and have a bright red lid. Like cherries. Sometimes my kids like to eat a tuna fish sandwich, and lately my oldest has been trying to eat more healthy-staying away from gluten and that sort of thing. Gluten-free bread costs a fortune, though. So if he wants to eat a tuna sandwich for an after-school snack, he either better use up every ⅛ ounce of tuna from the pouch, or put the leftover ⅛ tuna salad into one of these gorgeous looking Pyrex food storage dishes and lick the rest out of the bottom of the glass container for a midnight snack (if he chooses to be hungry after a video game he was told to turn off).

I did a test on all of these food storage containers – I put the leftovers inside them and put the lid on and did this crazy thing-I shook the leftovers with the lid on, while the containers were upside down. The Pyrex lids stayed on while I was shaking the leftovers! I’m one of those crazy cool moms, you know? The Pyrex lids stayed on!!! Food did not come out when I shook the container!

Best of Basic Food Storage
Best of Food Storage for the True Type A

I started singing the Star Wars anthem when I opened this box. The packaging. The stacking. The wrapping. The many different sizes of glass containers. The very exactness of the lids fitting so very tightly. This is the intimidating food storage set for the true type A. This food storage set means business. I think it’s too serious for Giggle Reviews. It even has a big warning on the back to remind you how to treat your very serious food storage set. It was intimidating to say the least. I imagined the food storage set bossing me around and telling me I should be utilizing this food storage set in the way it was intended.

For meal prepping and pinching pennies and watching the calories, and getting in your macro and micronutrients. I did the lid test and turned it upside down and shook it. My favorite brand of baby plum tomatoes were still inside and the lid stayed on tight! I put water in it and shook it up too and no water leaked. I should date this food storage set and maybe it will help me get my act together.