Giggle’s Best of 2017 Pick: Phil & Ted Sport

The Phil & Ted Sport stroller is amazing. Flat out amazing. Easy to switch from fixed to swivel wheel, well designed, folds down easy. But the real perk is the seat flexibility. You can go from baby sleeping + toddler seat, to 2 kid seats – it’s like the stroller adjusts as your kids age.

And – those pesky stickers that flatten your inflatable wheels – these tires are immune to all but the worst. I saw a sticker weed on one of the wheels and got really annoyed… until I realized it didn’t affect the wheel at all. Score!

When it comes to carseats, you can get the attachment to lock in certain carseats. But I found it was easy to just unzip the first seat to lay it back a little, and my daughter’s Graco carseat fit inside. I tested it with the Britax carseat & Chicco, seemed to fit fine) Weight limit: 55 lbs Single; 81 lbs Double.

Final review: great stroller that ages with your kids.

You would think the baby wouldn’t be happy being stuck behind her brother with no view. But she was actually pretty comfy, looking from side to side (and probably adding to her cute bald spot – because what baby doesn’t have a bald spot??)

You’re reading this right – there’s actually 26 different seat variations for this stroller. Baby+Baby; Baby+Kid (mine); Kid+Kid

Top Pick: BOB jogging stroller – double or single

The BOB strollers are well known and well liked for a reason. They’re easy to use, well-made, and feel like a dream on the pavement. And, if you’re looking for something to go a little more off-road, you can always try out the BOB Ironman stroller (pictured to the right).

When it comes to car seats, BOB makes it easy to find out whether your car seat will work out. Here’s a list that shows the kind of adaptor you need for a BOB stroller.

My favorite thing about these strollers is the canopy cover, it’s really low to keep kids shaded. Any idea how many times I’ve draped a blanket over a stroller to keep my kids out of the sun? With this, no need. Whatever your running style, these strollers will get you on the road. And then it’s great as a normal stroller too with the swivel wheel. Go BOB or go home!

Best for Outdoor Enthusiasts: THULE CHARIOT COUGAR 2

The Chariot Cougar 2 is pretty awesome for one main reason: you can do anything. If you’re active and you suddenly have kids: take them with you! This stroller has attachments ($$$ extra) for just about everything: jogging, walking, hiking, biking, even skiing.

It does get up there in price. Each attachment is going to run you between $50-$100 extra, but if you get it all bundled together, it can be a good deal. And if you think of the costs of your own skis? That ski attachment is nothing… Bonus: you’re encouraging your own kids to be active in the future..

What I really love about this stroller is how Thule tried to think of everything. I’m the kind of mom who likes getting out even when it’s raining. Which makes the bug free cover and the extra rain cover really handy. Whatever the weather, I’m on the road!

Eco-Friendly: Bumbleride stroller

The Bumbleride boasts being eco-friendly: free of harmful chemicals, the fabric is 100% made of recycled polyester, and the dye process reduces water.

But beyond that, it’s just a really great jogging stroller. Easy to use. My favorite part is the wheel – you can adjust it for running, light jogging & walking mode. When you’re out jogging, sometimes you need to turn the wheel but you still want it to stay mostly straight. This gives you that option. You may remember that voluntary wheel recall from 5 years ago? I’m happy to say that’s in the past, and Bumbleride has made their wheels better than ever.

The stroller adjusts to the car seat. And as with the BOB strollers, Bumbleride makes a stroller for double trouble:  The Indie Doubles (pictured on the right). Good to go!

Most Innovative Technology: Chicco Activ3 stroller

The Chicco stroller is a really nice stroller, and if you already have the Chicco carseat, this is your best companion for it.

My favorite part of this stroller is the handlebars. I know that sounds weird, but Chicco put everything at your fingertips. You can park & lock the stroller, adjust the wheel from swivel to fixed settings, and the way to fold the stroller – that’s also right at the handlebars. No more leaning over to find the tricky button somewhere.

The downside: one kid only. And if you don’t have a Chicco car seat, this probably isn’t a good stroller. For that handlebar design alone, I’m almost ready to switch car seats.

Best Bang for your Buck: Graco FastAction jogging stroller

I already have a Graco car seat, so this was an obvious choice to include in my test. The Graco stroller is easy to use and folds up really quick (pictured on the right) by pulling at the handle in the stroller seat.

This is the most cost efficient jogging stroller – by far the best price. I noticed the front wheel tended to lock on its own sometimes and it was a little bulky/heavy for a single stroller. But if you want something that will get you from walking to jogging quick and easy, this is a good bet.