I took four kids skating, paid 5 bucks to strap two torture devices to my feet, and had a blast for one hour.

While I spent a portion of the time complaining deep within my soul about how horrible my rental skates felt, my kids seemed to be gliding on ice air.

Truly, one could buy any of these kids’ ice skates and swish away happy.

Best All Around

Roces make a killer rollerblade, I know I use them, so it makes sense they would create a great ice skate. Watching my nine-year-old who blades all summer, even during laser tag, it was clearly an easy transition into these ice skates.

The adjustable, micrometric buckles on the top and bottom of the skate hold in place and ensure a tight fit, keeping support close to the ankle. These buckles are really difficult for kids to get tight on their own so muscles are needed to lock buckles in place. Roces kid ice skates come in adjustable sizes from 13 junior to three kids. While it was initially difficult to get the metal screw in the back of the ice skate to rotate, once you did the size adjustment was simple. The screw in the back of the skate was secure, I felt comfortable knowing the skate would hold in place. Most importantly my kid was warm and comfortable inside the Roces skate. These skates came sharpened.

Xino Sports children’s ice skates offers colors in pink and blue run true to size with medium four to six. For smaller feet looking to hit the ice, Xino also offers small 13 junior to three kids. If one is having trouble finding a skate to fit her munchkin, Xino will have a skate that fits. Adjustment to the skate was so easy it literally was done with a press of the button.  Quality of these skates hold up, including the faux fur lining the inside of the skate which nearly lead to all-out war between my two boys. One pair was furless; the Xino was soft and fluffy.

Velcro straps across the top stayed in place and are easy for kids to adjust on their own without Mom and Dad constantly needing to stop to keep a foot in the skate. Flapping inside the skate is a tongue which kids need to make sure is pulled out if the foot wants to fit properly. Two of my kids wore these skates and said they stayed comfortable throughout the entire skate.

Best for Easy Adjustment
Best Kids’ Hockey Skates

These Winnwell’s black skates are summed up in one word—cool. A sleek black and silver design with white thread running through catches anyone’s eye at the rink. They’re a hockey design where ankle support is key and toe protection is tops since they’re primarily for this fast, rough sport.  The outside of these skates are heavy-duty PVC and nylon, making these skates abrasion resistant. These could come off heavy to a smaller skater.

Unlike other skates listed, the Winnwell X-Lite skate isn’t adjustable, but comes in junior sizes one to five. The laces are thick and durable so giving a good tug they should cinch up the skate well.  It will definitely take a parent or coach to get those laces tight enough to get the ankle support needed. The Winnwell are perfect for any kid looking to hit the ice for the first time to learn the fundamentals of skating.