When winter hits and the playground empties faster than a high school classroom when the bell rings – there’s only one thing to do: sledding. So we wanted to know, what are the best kids sleds. Several kids put one kids sled after another to the test.

Here’s what we wanted to know:

Which kids sled is the fastest?

Which kids sled is easier to use?

Age Range?

Long lasting durability?

Sno-Storm: Viper 50in Sled

Everywhere else in the U.S., winter comes December to February. In Utah, it showed up in March for some reason. With snow finally on the ground, we took the Sno-Storm Viper 50in sled out for some runs. This sled is great for speed on a packed trail, but what I really loved is that more than 1 kid can fit on it. When you have little kids, for most hills, you can’t let them sled on their own. And when you go with them, you’ve got to carry them back up the hill. An extra 20 pounds uphill is torture.

This sled not only works great for 2, the design makes it easy to stay straight (although it is fun to spin around and go backwards – unless you hit a tree), and the convenient pull string is very welcome for trudging back up the hill. It’s durable enough to hit the occasional bump and not rip or tear, and it withstood 2 different sledding trips with multiple kids testing it out together. It’s a winner!

Best Kids Sled – for 2+ Riders
Best of Blow-up Sleds
Go Floats – Flamingo blow-up sled

When it comes to kids sleds, appearance shouldn’t matter but it does. These are kids we’re talking about – cereal is 10X cooler based on the design of the box. Once this sled was blown up, it was more than popular. There were fights over who got to ride it next, and not just among the kids.

I’ve had problems with blow-up sleds in the past because they break easily and good luck with repairs. But with the Go Floats blow-up kids sled, even after several hours of sledding, there were no cracks or leaks. It is a really big blow-up sled, so plan on using a pressure pump or struggling to breathe after you fill it up. But once it’s blown up, prepare for an amazing trip sledding down the hill!

Sno-Storm – 45in Stylus Sled

We decided to test out several different types of Sno-Storm sleds this year. Mostly because there are just so many options. The next one we tested is the 45in Stylus Sled. It reminds me of the Viper sled but slightly shorter in length, not as wide, and no string for pulling it up the hill. The Stylus sled can fit 2 people but I think it works better for 1.

The kids testing this sled out really liked how it has 4 handles – you can ride down the hill on your stomach, back, sitting up or backwards and still stay on the sled. I think it works best for parents for little kids because you have more control over it (and the kids can hang onto the handles instead of accidentally choking out a parent by holding on too tight).

Best for Parents + Little Kids
Best of Circular Blow-up Sleds
Flexible Flyer – Blizzard

Flexible Flyer sleds are really popular, and we decided to test out their double and single version of the blow-up kids sled. They’re easy and you can really fly down a hill once they’re blown up. They can be a bit difficult to blow up, I struggled to squeeze the insertion tube at the right angle to blow it up. But the single Flexible Flyer blow-up tube lasted through 2 seasons of sledding.

The downside? The double version of the kids sled didn’t last through 1 session. But I’m not the type to give up on a blow-up sled just because of a leak, so we set about using the repair tape that came with the sled to fix it. Here’s my biggest complaint: even after several efforts to repair, it kept leaking over time. I was frustrated after the 3rd attempt to fix the cracks. It didn’t ruin the experience though; it may have started leaking but at least it lasted through a 2-hour sledding session before we had to re-inflate it.

Sno-Storm – Snowboarding Sled

My husband and I love snowboarding, but sadly, once we had kids we almost never made it up the slopes. My snowboard literally has dust on it in the basement. This is what I really enjoyed about the Sno-Storm 48in snowboarding sled. It’s a great training snowboard for little kids without spending hundreds of dollars at one of the local resorts. My 4-year-old loved testing it out. He was stoked to try out snowboarding ‘just like dad’.

The snowboard comes with foot placement grips to help keep you on your feet. Now, I wouldn’t suggest going down a really really steep hill, but for a young kid testing out snowboarding for the first time on a minor hill, it’s perfect. I also love how once that young kid gets tired of standing up (which is inevitable), it’s easy to transition to sit down. Great snowboarding sled for teaching!

Best of Snowboarding Sleds
Best of Circular Sleds
Sno-Storm – Battlekit Sleds

I love the idea of the Battlekit circular snow sled – it actually comes with a shield to protect yourself from flying snowballs (especially ones created by your sneaky 4-year-old). The set even comes with a heavy-duty snowball maker so you don’t have to keep re-packing snow in your gloved hands. If you don’t want to use the full kit, you can take a break and just use it as a normal downhill circular sled. Circular kids sleds are great for literally spinning as you’re going down the sloped hill.

We tried out testing whether you could shield yourself from a snowball while children try tossing snowballs at you while sledding downhill. It doesn’t work as well, but that’s really not the point of it. It’s great having everything you need in one kit – and my favorite part is that you can hide behind the shield and throw snowballs at your enemies (I mean kids), and you have something to sit down on without freezing your butt off!

Zipfy Sled

This freestyle luge sled is awesome! My 4-year-old and his older friends love trying this unique sled. It’s really easy to stop or slow down while sledding downhill, you just dig in your hells. And it’s a much welcome break from sitting on your butt (and feeling all the bumps) while sledding. We tested it out on several different ages. A 2-year-old would struggle with turning this sled, but my 4-year-old had no trouble. And the kids who came along (up to 10 years old) loved it.

I was a tad worried about how an adult might fare on this, so my husband and I both tried it out. The husband, who weighs a little over 200lbs and is nearly 6′ tall, struggled with the sled. But me, I’m 5’2″ (I refuse to list weight), so this sled was great! You twist and turn to head to the right or left downhill. Just hop on and enjoy!

Best of Freestyle Luge Sleds
Best of Younger Kids Sleds
Sno-Storm – Kiddy 36in Sled

This is my 4-year-old’s new favorite sled. The cute creature design is whimsical and awesome for a kid sledding trip downhill. It’s a smaller version of the Stylus sled but more round at the front (and thankfully a little slower on some of the really steep downhill runs that scare the Mom watching her child speed away at reckless speeds).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fast going down the hill, but it’s not just about speed. It comes with a tow rope for my 4-year-old to pull his new favorite sled up the hill so his Mom doesn’t have to do it for him.