Spending money would be less stressful if we as customers could take things home and use them for a couple of weeks before making the difficult decision on whether to spend $20.

When testing out products, I think of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a car out for a test drive, explaining he isn’t just going to go around the block. Instead the car needs to go on his daily errands before Kramer can decide if he’s going to recommend Jerry buy this car.

In reality, buyer’s remorse is a part of the retail experience, that’s where I come in…

I tested out four brands of shower caddies for a couple of weeks, deciding which is best for your wallet and shower routine. Regret is such an awful thing, let’s avoid it together. While all shower caddies got the job done, holding my potions, creams, razors, and even toothbrushes, some had better features than others.

Best For Families – Original Tub Cubby

When my daughter was small nearly 9 years ago, it never crossed my mind to buy a shower caddie specifically designed for children. Instead we used this wicker basket I think was bought at a decorative piece, but eventually just morphed into a piece of crap. Into the bathroom it went as storage for her wet Barbies, foam letters, empty bottles and pretty much any other household item she decide would be perfect for tub time. In time, it surprisingly got more disgusting. News flash– wicker isn’t good in bathrooms.

The Original Tub Cubby by The Varela Company is the opposite of my wicker basket. It doesn’t take up a big block of space on the floor, it doesn’t fill with heaven knows what picked up by wet toys, and it’s accessible for my children.

I was impressed by the 4 hooks because they actually put out some serious suction, maybe I could use them to plump my lips? Two hooks are needed for the actual mesh bag, which I immediately noticed would be easier to clean than my kid. The other hooks are spares you could use to hang a loofah, washcloth, or whatever shower accessory you rub on yourself.

Yes, this bathtub organizer is for kids, but if it means you’re not stepping on toys, and it’s easy for kids to put their own toys back in the mesh bag, it’s really for you.

Unlike the other caddies, the Metaltex ‘Spina’ shower caddy organizer didn’t come assembled. If you’re not completely incompetent and inpatient like me, putting it together is a snap. I really mean, that, it’s easy unless you’re me. Be glad you’re not. The reason Spina sends the caddie in a few pieces is it allows the customer to space the shelves to her preference. Racks can go at any height and slide to the left or right. In our shower, a shelf banged right into the level I’d set the rack. Easy fix, I just moved the basket down a level and pushed it to the right so there wasn’t a shower collision.

Allowing for all that versatility does make this caddy a bit longer so it hangs a bit lower. The hook up top certainly works better on shower heads where the neck goes up over the valve unlike mine, which immediately swooped down. It does make it harder for the caddy to stay in place. Positive though, if it does slide forward, the metal baskets keep everything in place, including my razor.

Best Versatility – MetalTex ‘Spina’ 
Best Suction – Gecko-Loc

It’s all in the name – Gecko-Loc. Would a shower caddy by any other name suction as dependably? The Gecko-Loc shower caddy came assembled except for snapping on the super suction cup. This is primarily because the suction cup adjusts to where a customer would like the basket to sit. Essentially, you run a piece of the wire basket from the caddy through the holes in the Gecko-Loc, then twist until the Loc is tightened into place.

You will feel a stronger and stronger hold between wall and suction as you twist. The hook up top sits nicely with the rubber so between the Gecko-Loc and the hook, this caddy stays in place.

The two other metal shower caddies had top hooks prone to slippage, throwing the caddy and its cargo forward. This was not the case with the OXO Good Grips stainless steel 3-tier shower caddy, which to my delight came assembled. Unlike the rubber tube running over the hook in the other caddies, this hook was a thick piece of plastic which snapped over the shower valve.

The suction at the bottom was also different yet effective. It came in the shape of an “x” with eight tiny cups. It’s good the OXO shower caddy hooks really well, because there are no wire baskets, just a clear plastic bottom and a railing holding bottles in place. Those bottoms could slip off but they do look a bit classier than wire baskets.

Best Top Hook – OXO Good Grips 3-tier