There is an episode in the 1950s television series Leave it to Beaver where Mr. Cleaver famously tells his son that a woman’s place is in the home, and if that is true, then particularly in the kitchen. Women do all right cooking with all the modern conveniences, he continues, but a man does the best cooking outdoors over a rolling fire. “Think caveman” he says to his son. Let’s throw feminism out the window for a small moment. Because, I wish my place were in the kitchen.

Now, I do an amazing job of reheating food-particularly in the microwave. I used to cook in the old fashioned way-my fine cookware warming over a blue flame-spices and seasonings dashed here and there. I don’t have time for that nonsense anymore (I say as I hang my head longing for the days I had time to cook from scratch). If I did have time to cook from scratch and my seasoning and spices were not out of date, I would definitely be in the market for some snazzy new spice racks.

So I got to review the best spice racks out there and I think it has given me new inspiration to get cooking again. Maybe. For the review process I tried to see how handy the spice racks were, and how they looked in my kitchen if I were to purchase one myself. I have an eye for esthetics, so I wanted to see which spice rack appealed to my taste, and why other people might be attracted to a different sort of spice rack.

Spezia Spice Rack
  • This spice rack is stainless steel and each small box contains three racks with prongs to attach four individual spice or seasoning containers per row. These racks attach to the wall.

This spice rack was my favorite. I was slightly worried that I would have to drill a hole to attach these spice racks, but they came with a sticky strip on the back! Which is good because if I do not have time to use spices for cooking, I definitely do not have time to drill holes in the wall to display my spices (especially since every time I use my drill, I make a bunch of mistakes and end up with extra holes in the wall).

The Spezia spice rack prongs gripped those seasonings with a death grip and everything remained stuck on the wall. The only thing I would say is that my spices looked all mismatched. I might invest in decorative containers to put my spices in-for a sleeker look.

Best of Minimalist Spice Racks
Best of the Big Daddy of Spice Racks
Hause Logic Allspice Spice Rack in Cherry
  • This spice rack comes with a wooden box with dividers that hold 30 glass jars, and accompanying lids and labels for 280 spices.

This could also be called Best of the Big Momma of Spice Racks, but in keeping with the philosophy of Mr. Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, this spice rack has a very serious feel about it. Cavemen are practically extinct, and we modern humans have developed a large frontal lobe for executive functioning. Using this executive functioning, some modern humans have a knack for precise organization and it is apparent that the designers of this spice rack were among the organized type.

The wood is beautiful. I believe the word hause is German for house, and the word logic comes from the Greek word logos, meaning rational. I’m thinking German engineering here. This spice rack is serious business. There are also labels that come with these bottles so if you are already carrying the standard spices for a lot of traditional recipes, like oregano, garlic, paprika, this spice rack makes room for more exotic seasonings. Like “Grains of Paradise.”

Olde Thompson 16 Jar Spice Rack
  • This spice rack comes with a rotating stand and 16 adorable chubby glass jars already filled with the most common spices found in most recipes.

This spice rack is for the faint of heart-the human that has a simple palate and follows recipes to exactness. What a convenience to have the most common spices pre-filled in your spice rack jars. This seems to be the spice rack for newlyweds-perhaps millennial newlyweds who are accustomed to eating out, and on the occasion they stay inside and don’t warm up their frozen Trader Joe’s pizzas, they might whip something up from scratch.

The labels are plain to see-cute fonts and chubby glass jars. The jars are just slightly more fancy than a more modern minimalist design, but they are cozy and cute and add a warmth and charm to your kitchen. The stand rotates so that you can see the labels on the jars easily. The lids flip open so you can either pour your spices onto a measuring spoon, or dash them into your recipe. Voila!

Best of Pre-Filled Spices Spice Rack
Best of the Adjustable Spice Racks
Rev-A-Shelf Wood Classics Spice Rack
  • This adjustable spice rack can be fixed to the back of a pantry or kitchen cupboard door.

This spice rack came last in the mail-and by this time I thought for sure I had learned all there could ever be learned about spice racks. Well, I was very wrong. Mounting brackets allow for these three individual spice rack shelves to adjust for smaller spice jars or larger condiments that don’t require refrigeration. What this spice rack does require is some adeptness at screwing your brackets into the backs of your cupboards-which I lack.

Perhaps you are an engineering major, and can make this work out for you. I am an English major, so while I might have some emotional intelligence, I am lacking in patience and/or a significant other (my very own Mr. Cleaver) that could lend me a hand and attach the brackets for me. The pine wood is attractive and the silver finish on the guard rails is a nice touch. I like this spice rack for organizing spices behind a closed cupboard door.

Final Thoughts:

Spice racks mean you are investing in cooking food from scratch. Which means buying food that is not pre-cooked and sprinkled with the appropriate amounts of herbs and spices. If you’re into that sort of thing, these are the best spice racks around. Maybe spice racks translate into more time in the kitchen, or more time with a loved one or loved ones. That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.