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“Burn the candle every year – as your baby becomes an adult”


The first birthday – your baby won’t remember it but as moms, we slave over it. Everything has to be perfect, down to the adorable outfit they will destroy the minute they sink their gums (and 2-4 teeth) into a cupcake and the frosting goes everywhere. It’s kinda birthday tradition.

Yes, your baby won’t remember it, but you will. And with the 100+ pictures you’re going to take, everyone else will get to remember too. For my baby girl’s first birthday, I wanted to start a birthday tradition that would last through the ups and downs of the years to come.

Grow & Glow Candle

So, besides the new clothes and new (very) noisy toys, there was a gift that stood out this year: the Uber Mom Grow & Glow book and candle. This is a birthday tradition to last you right up until high school graduation. The candle is tall with numbers from 1 to 18.

How it works:

The idea behind the candle is that you light it every year on your precious darling’s birthday, and every year the candle gets smaller and smaller, and your little one gets bigger and bigger. It reminded me of the circular picture frames where you put a picture inside for every year.

The candle comes with a sweet rhyming book that follows your baby from Year 1, to the toddler years, terrible 3’s, that wonderful (and exhausting) non-stop question phase at 4, on through kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school – right up until the 18th birthday.

Birthday cupcake mess!

I read it aloud to my baby girl on her birthday, and it felt like a rite of passage. She’s still my baby, but it felt real that she was now 1 years old. And watching the candle burn through to 1 years old brought more meaning than the 1-year-old candle we put on her cake this year (which happened to break before I even put it on her cake. Had to hold it together with frosting).

What I loved about it:

It’s a lovely birthday tradition, which is currently sitting in her room as a reminder that the candle will be waiting when she turns 2 years old. It made her birthday more real in a way that watching her play with wrapping paper and crawl around from relative to relative, wasn’t able to do.

A lasting birthday tradition

Grow & Glow candle and book

Birthday gift

A lasting birthday tradition

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“It’s a birthday tradition she’ll remember when she’s older – something her mom does every year because of how important her birthday is. And for her mom, it’s a birthday tradition I know I’ll cherish.”

Lana Medina

Because nothing’s perfect:

I did question how likely I would be to use this candle every year for the next 17 years. And the book too, will I really read this book every year until my baby is a grown adult? My little girl isn’t even walking yet, so it’s hard to picture that day. Then again, I’m always amazed how many parents put a picture in that circular frame every year. We take family photos every year, and we all have traditions that we remember to keep every year – how is this any different?

Reading together!

For the first few years, this birthday tradition will involve my little girl. I know as she gets older, she’ll love hearing the story read to her again and again (and if my son is any indication of how many times kids want to hear a favorite story, then I’ll be reading it again and again and again and again and again…). The candle is really for me. It’s a birthday tradition marking the passage of time. Something happy and a little sad at the same time.

When she gets older – junior high and high school, I doubt she’ll want to hear that story read to her. But I will. The story will remind me of the early years when she was my inquisitive and exploring rambunctious baby. It will remind me of the happy days and the tantrum-in-the-middle-of-the-grocery-store days. The days when I can’t find tissues and snot is wiped on my sleeves. The days when trying to get her to eat vegetables may feel like the end of the world.

Final Say:

But even if there are days ahead that she may not care about a candle or a book, it’s a birthday tradition she’ll remember when she’s older – something her mom does every year because of how important her birthday is. And for her mom, it’s a birthday tradition I know I’ll cherish.