Red Fox Headphones:

After charge:

bluetooth wireless connection

for up to 4 hours

When I was a kid my dad thought I was going to be some sort of computer genius. I could work those Gateway 2000s like a boss. But I can no longer claim to be technically inclined. I didn’t get a cell phone until 2007, and I was still rocking a flip phone well into 2012. When phones got smarter than me is when I fell behind the curve. Last year is the first time I ever used Bluetooth technology and, until this week, I had no idea how I used it in the first place—I just let my husband do it all for me.

My old headphones

I did not have access to my husband while trying out the Red Fox headphones. I did have my brother, though, to assist. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard to connect the headphones to a device as I thought and I was able to connect it to multiple devices on my own. I decided to use my brother as a prop in my photos and video instead, since I had dragged him outside to play.

They are neither wireless or Bluetooth activated. One ear has lost its cushion, they are covered in crumbs from the bottom of my purse where they get chucked, and typically they are in a massive tangle. I have to hold the only working side in my ear when I use it because my earhole can’t do it for me.

But even with all those negatives, I had great trepidation in switching to wireless headphones. I don’t like change. But now that my baby has become Grabby McGrabberson, having headphones with cords around him is just asking for him to rip them from my ear. I also don’t like pain.

I decided to give the EDGE IPX4 Bluetooth Headphones a try and see what the Bluetooth wireless hoopla is all about.

The headphones come in a durable case, which I like because I am one of those people that can’t have nice things. I am clumsy and drop things constantly. With this case, I would still drop it, but I doubt it would break as easily. I hope I don’t find out.

The case also contains instructions, which were easy to follow, and a charging cord. The first order of operation was to charge the EDGE IPX4 Bluetooth Headphones. They need to charge for 4 hours before the first use. Subsequent uses only require an hour or two of charging after 5-7 hours of play or 120 hours of standby time. The charging port is on the underside of the headset covered by a protective piece of rubber. The underside of the EDGE has three little LED lights that flash red or blue (red when charging and blue when charged).

The instruction manual refers to this model as “EDGE,” so I will for the remainder of this review. When the EDGE finished charging, I grabbed my baby and brother and took it to a local park to try them out. The first order of business was to sync the EDGE to our devices. We connected the EDGE to my phone, my brother’s phone, and my iPod.


To pair the EDGE with another device for the first time, you hold down the phone icon (the manual calls it the “Multi-function button”) for 10 seconds—it is that thing that looks like a macaroni noodle. Hold it down while activating Bluetooth on your phone or smart device. The EDGE works with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities. When the EDGE is ready to pair, it will talk to you and say “power on” then pairing. You can then let go of the button and look for Red Fox Edge on the device you are pairing the headphones to. Select Red Fox Edge and then you are good to go.

After this, when pairing to a device the EDGE has already paired with, you’ll only need to hold the macaroni noodle button down for 3-4 seconds. You’ll hear “power on,” then “connected.”

I chose to pair the device to my brother’s phone first because his isn’t all scuffed up like mine from its life spent falling out of my ridiculously tiny pockets. He used my phone to call his phone and I was able to answer just by pushing the phone button. That side of the EDGE also has the volume control. I was able to hang up by pushing the same button. It was super simple and the voice was clear on both ends.

I was very impressed with the sound quality on both ends (being the caller and hearing how my brother sounded when talking into the headset and the call taker when speaking with my brother and my husband, who later called). I learned you can redial the last call you made by tapping the phone icon twice, quickly. You can also refuse a call by doing the same thing.


My brother is standing exactly 32 feet from his phone—the paired device. 32 feet is the maximum distance the Red Fox EDGE can be away from the device it is paired to and still work. I had my brother call me when I was 32 feet and then talk as I moved as far back as I could go before we started sounding like robots. I made it about double that distance, but then found out the EDGE automatically turns off when out of range of the paired device after three minutes.

The other side of the headset contains track forward and back buttons, a play/pause button for music and activation of Siri/Google Voice. I don’t have Siri on my phone or iPod, but I do have Google. When paired with my phone, I double-tapped the play/pause button on the EDGE and was able to activate Google Voice. I whispered into the headset to make sure the phone wasn’t just hearing me through its speaker and it picked up everything I asked it. I was impressed.

I disconnected the Red Fox EDGE from my phone and then paired it to my iPod to listen to music, since I don’t have any on my phone. I used the track back and forward buttons to choose the songs and the play/pause button to do exactly that—play or pause the songs. I learned if you are listening to music on your phone and a call comes in, then the music will stop until the call ends and then resume where it left off. The track back button (I can’t help but want to call it the rewind button) also doubles as a mute button. Hit it during a call to mute and again to unmute.

The EDGE can be worn upside down or right-side up. It works just as well either way; you just need to remember where the buttons are. I prefer wearing them upside down when using them with my phone to answer calls and then around my neck when I was listening to music. I just turned the volume all the way up and could hear the music clearly.

After about 5 and half hours of continuous use, and I’d say about 3 and half more off the charger, the device powered off and the red LED lights flashed, letting me know it was time to charge the EDGE again. I was bummed that the EDGE wouldn’t stay powered longer. Some of the hikes I do last longer than 8 hours (the max life the headset has while in use before it needs charged) and I want music for the entirety. Quick note: those hikes are training to head up Mount Kilimanjaro – it’s only 19,000+ feet up. No biggie… HAH!

EDGE IPX4 Bluetooth Headphones may not stay powered as long as I want, but I give it high marks for the sound quality with calls and music up to 32 feet away from the paired device, quick and easy pairing with devices that have Bluetooth and handsfree functions, and that they stay in place while being worn. They are made for active use, so are sweat resistant too…but I don’t know if that is true. I don’t sweat….



Comfortable, easy to use, high quality

Red Fox EDGE

Sound Quality
Run Time
Easy to Use Controls
Lightweight & Comfortable
Stays on head while in motion

Comfortable, easy to use, high quality

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