Kiinde breast milk storage starter kit


“Why transfer from bag to bottle?

With Kiinde – turn the bag

into the bottle.”


With baby #1, when I was getting ready to go back to work and building up a supply of breast milk, I froze everything I could in breast milk storage bags. I thought it was great – easy to fit in my freezer and cheap. But when it came for the husband, grandparents or whoever else was willing to watch my baby while I was working, they were less than excited. You have to defrost the bags, then pour into bottles and then feed to the munchkin. And if there’s a hungry kid screaming at you, time is of the essence.

From storage to bag to bottle

So for the second time around, I wanted something easier for my wonderful free daycare, aka family. I started researching easier breast milk storage – and that’s when I found Kiinde. The Kiinde bags are easy to store, and when it comes time to feed a hungry baby, all you have to do is defrost, put it in the applicator container, and then attach the nipple. It’s similar to having the milk frozen in bottles, but much cheaper and doesn’t take up as much room in your freezer.

When my baby was born, I first ordered the Kiinde breast milk storage set. It comes with everything you could need (and then some).



  • 40 breast milk storage bags
  • 3 different nipples (slow, medium & fast) and lids
  • 2 containers
  • Breast milk storage rack
  • Breast milk bags & bottle warmer
  • Direct pump adaptors
  • Foodii squeeze snack filling container

Hooks up to Ameda pump here

I love almost everything about this kit. First off, when you’re trying to pump milk, it’s annoying to have to hold breast milk storage bags to your pump while pumping. The direct pump adaptors fit every single pump I’ve heard of. I tested it on my own Ameda pump, and for curiosity, on my friend’s Medela pump. The only downside to this, is once you have the direct pump adaptor you need, the other adaptors are now wasted unless you can find someone who needs them.

Storage rack

On freezer storage rack

This is really useful for people like me who don’t like labeling bags (and my husband who doesn’t like checking dates on bags). I put the bags from bottom to top and leave one opening, and whenever I need the next bag based on date created, I know exactly which one. The milk does expand – so if you try to fill up those bags to 6+oz, it might be tough to fit bags in all the rack spaces. This is how it looks with bags in every other rack space.

How long does frozen breast milk last?

You can start building up a supply months in advance. Breast milk placed in a freezer lasts a minimum of up to 6 months. Once it’s been thawed out, it lasts up to 3 days in the refrigerator, and just 2 hours at room temperature.

From storage to dethaw to feeding in minutes

Kiinde Twist pouches

Storage capacity
Easy cleaning
Safe for baby

From storage to dethaw to feeding in minutes

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Whether you’re going back to work or you just want some help with those daily feedings, you need an easy system to store breast milk. This cuts out the middleman and gets your little one their food faster.”

Lana Medina

Bottle warmer

In the past, my husband (or mother-in-law, or my mother, or whoever I bribed to watch my munchkin that day), would have to defrost a breast milk storage bag in warm water in the sink. It takes about 30-60 minutes to defrost completely. With the bag & bottle warmer, it takes 30-60 SECONDS. Huge difference.

Bag to bottle

This is the real beauty of the Kiinde system. You’re going to have to throw away your breast milk storage bag, and then you have to clean the bottle on top of it. You’re cutting out the middleman. And anything that saves a mom time is a good thing. Once you run out of bags, the Kiinde bags cost about the same as Medela or Parent’s Choice breast milk storage bags, but you’re getting a better deal in the long run. A pack of 80 costs about $15 on Amazon.

Besides that, the Kiinde system grows with your baby. It comes with 3 different nipples as your baby starts eating faster. And once your little one is also eating pureed solids, the Kiinde starter pack includes the ‘Foodii’ – you can blend up your baby food and pour in the Foodii for a yummy (spill-proof) meal on the go.

Final Say

For those moms out there who are fighting to breastfeed for 12 months, you’re already doing everything you can to keep up your milk supply. Whether you’re going back to work or you just want some help with those daily feedings, you need an easy system to store breast milk. This cuts out the middleman and gets your little one their food faster. A happy kid is one who is being fed. Right this minute. If they have to wait 5 minutes for their meal, someone’s going to hear about it.