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In the last year, I have owned my fair share of drooling bibs … and so far, I can’t really tell the difference between one and the next… So my first thought opening the Buddy Bib was, “I wonder why they call it the buddy bib and how in the world is this one going to be different from every other bib out there? All bibs serve the same function, right?”

Drooling bib, teether & toy – all in one

Yes, mainly, but after opening the package, I get it.  It’s because it works more like 3 things in one! Then I wondered why in the world aren’t there more of these out there!

Like most moms having to multitask every day in life, I tend to lean more toward products that serve multiple functions, and this drooling bib does just that!  It works as a bib, it’s a teether, and it’s a toy for baby!  And on top of all of that, it’s all meant to work together so nothing gets lost!

When opening the package, I first noticed how soft it was.  That was nice because, like I said, I use bibs these days more for drool-catching than meal times, meaning I leave it on him for longer periods than I normally would when he was younger at the high chair.  It also came in super bright and fun colors, which caught baby’s eye right off the bat.

I also noticed that it has three snaps for adjustability around his neck.  That is really helpful for the various stages that babies go through, (and by stages, I mean fatter – and cuter!).  Adjustable is IMPORTANT!

Attachable teether

The MOST notable thing about drooling bib is that it has the option to attach the toy/teether straight to the bib so nothing goes flying off! You can even attach your own pacifier. Baby can play with it right on their neck without you having to worry about them throwing it off and losing it.  

If you want those completely off, it easily detaches in seconds and can serve as a wristlet with the toy, so baby can play with it as they wear it on their hand for a “new toy”.  The wristlet is cute and actually crinkles when you touch it for some great sensory play!  

If your baby gets tired of that, that’s okay too! Everything detaches entirely!  The ring on the toy becomes it’s own teether by itself.  It is just a cute, simple ring made from food-grade silicon, which means it’s easy to sanitize.  The drooling bib has tiny raised bumps all around it, and it’s perfect for when they are fussy and those dreaded teeth start to come in, (….and baby turns into a screaming you-know-what).

Some concerns I had before trying it out were:

Does it clean/sanitize well? 

Yes, I think it held up to cleaning and sanitizing as normal and did not fall apart

Will it be absorbent enough for all of my baby’s drool?

Yes, it was nice not to slip in a pool of drool on the floor for once. The bib caught it all.

3-in-1 teether

Buddy Bib

Drool absorbant
Washing machine friendly
Food-grade silicon

3-in-1 teether

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“The 3-9 month range is for sure perfect for this!  I wish I would have had one when he first started teething!”

Meghan Thackrey

Would it be entertaining enough for my baby to keep his interest?

This one is a little tricky, because my baby is closer to 13 months now, and because he is very mobile, the toy did not keep his interest, but the bib definitely helped with drool, and he still liked the teether as well.

Are there any safety concerns?

If your baby is more mobile, like mine, then I would be a bit more cautious with the toy and teether attached on the drooling bib.  I worried that since he is crawling now, that having the teether or toy attached could potentially loop on something while he’s roaming and he might get stuck.  Although, it was a minor concern only, because the bib DOES have snaps on the neck that pop off, and of course, he was always supervised while wearing this.


Final Say:

Would I recommend this to a friend?

Yes. I thought it was really good value for the money, especially considering the fact that you are basically getting 3  things in 1 with the drooling bib.  I would, however, recommend it to those with a little younger age range than my own very active 1-year old.  

The 3-9 month range is for sure perfect for this!  I wish I would have had one when he first started teething!