Get Tough on Dirt with a Premium Super Cleaner

Show of hands here: how many of you have kids and have immaculate cars or trucks sitting in your garage?




If you are that one person in the back raising your hand, I am envious. With two kids and a very active outdoor lifestyle, my car is always dirty. My oldest son plays t-ball and swims; my youngest is a baby, and dirt particles seem to attach to his little body wherever he goes. Yours truly runs half marathons and the occasional triathlon. Oh, I also have a dog that jumps into the car with a full coat of fur and jumps out of the car having shed every single strand of fur. The interior of my car is constantly a melting pot of dirt, mud, snot, vomit, and the occasional blood spots. The interior of my husband’s truck, meanwhile, is simply a scene out of a horror movie.

Now, I could spend a small fortune getting both vehicles detailed every week; or I can invest in a heavy-duty cleaner.

The Details

Car Guys has a line of professional detailing cleaning products that are created in laboratories by chemists. One product is its Premium Super Cleaner that is safe to use on exterior and interior fabric, carpet, leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal, and finished wood trim. Each 18-ounce bottle comes with a microfiber towel that will wipe away dirt, oil, grime, or any other surprises your child may have left on the seat of your car.

The Premium Super Cleaner and towel cost $27.97. Compare this cost with the average cost of getting your car professionally detailed ($50 – $150 depending on the size of the vehicle), and you are saving anywhere from $25 – $100.

It is crucial that you read the directions before using this product. While the product is safe to use on most surfaces, you could damage the interior surface of your car if you don’t carefully read the instructions. In fact, there is a warning to not use this product on class or instrumental panel screens on the back of the bottle. With any cleaning solution, be sure to keep it out of the reach of any children or husbands who don’t read directions.

First Impression

The product comes with the bottle of the cleaning solution, a spray cap, and a yellow microfiber towel. A quick shake of the bottle and a glance at the instructions, and I was off and running. There is a subtle smell of the solution itself, but nothing overwhelming. The smell is pleasant and helped to mask the odor of a partially filled sippy cup found hidden underneath the passenger seat.

I opted to spray the solution on the microfiber towel and clean a small section of the backseat. Car Guys suggests this method to test just how the surfaces will react to the chemicals. There was no ill-fortunate reaction to the surface of the seat and just by looking at the microfiber towel, I could already see the super cleaner was working. The once yellow towel was quickly turning black from the dirt embedded in the back seat.

Once I was done cleaning the interior of the car (a task that took about 30 minutes), I went to wash my hands. There was no grime or any residue on my hands from the cleaning solution. Since it was a windy day, I did wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the solution.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to spend a small fortune getting your car detailed, I suggest giving the Car Guys Premium Super Cleaner a try. This is a multi-surface cleaner. You can use this inside your house if you want. Again, confer with the directions prior to using the product on items such as your couch or favorite recliner.

Car Guys Cleaner

Easy to use

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