Suki’s exfoliating cleanser:

Lemony fresh exfoliant leaves skin feeling clean flake-free… without toxic chemicals

This is Utah. It’s a desert. That means in the winter my skin peels faster than my 3-year-old trying to get out of nice dress clothes. I feel like I’m shedding skin off my nose every day. Make-up doesn’t hide it. Rubbing just makes my skin raw. It’s painful and gross. I don’t just want to remove flaky skin, I want it gone for more than a couple hours.

This year I was determined to make a change. It’s still summer and my skin is already flaky, just imagine what December is going to be like.

So I volunteered to test out Suki’s exfoliating skin cleanser. Volunteered is a mild term to describe me snatching up the product quicker than Gollum grabs his ‘precious’. Maybe not that creepy, but after 10 winters in Utah, I needed this product.

First thing I noticed after opening was the smell. A lemony-fresh scent that lingered in the air for an hour – a rare thing in a house filled with diapers and 3-year-old potty training ‘pee leaks’ (can boys aim?? Because I feel like I’m going to town on that bathroom every couple days…)

It was really easy to use, I scooped up a small amount in my hands and it built up a nice foamy lather within a few seconds of scrubbing. It just felt really good on my skin, like getting a facial, but without the expensive trip to a salon or need to tip.

The big thing for me is that it was really natural. I’m always a tad paranoid about what I’m putting on my skin. When you see the list of ingredients from other stuff at the store and it’s chemical names you can’t even pronounce, you have no idea what it is. For all I know I’m putting ground up animal bones mixed with spit on my skin. What the hell is a phthalate? There’s so many toxic ingredients out there – and you never see the side effects until it’s too late.

The Suki cleanser skips the scary stuff, It uses ingredients like coconut oil, lemongrass oil and lime peel oil. Not only can I pronounce these, but I know what they are and where they come from.

It worked great for getting rid of dead skin. Just watch the video, you’ll see my skin was left feeling happy, cleansed and more importantly, flake-free.

Helps with dry & oily skin - and with natural ingredients

Does Suki's exfoliate cleanser work?

Removes dead skin flakes
Fresh clean feeling
Reduces acne breakout
A la naturale products

Helps with dry & oily skin - and with natural ingredients

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“No toxic chemicals & it gets rid of the dry, flaky skin. Best face cream ever.”

Lana Medina

But what about folks with oily skin – does it make a difference for them?

I’m ever so lucky – I get dry and oily skin. It’s called combination skin, and essentially you get a greasy and flaky feeling by the end of the day. Added bonus, the oily skin means I’m acne prone. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

This product helped with both. I tested it out for a couple weeks and only needed it once every 4-5 days. The only thing it didn’t do was get rid of the bags under my eyes. But since this product isn’t meant to reverse time to a pre-kids version of myself, I’ll take the cleansed face.