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“Comfortable & stylish compression socks for any occasion”


When my husband is trying to figure out a birthday/anniversary present (last minute, I might add) – he’s practical. He’s looking for comfy socks and shoes. I’m a runner, so he knows it’s a good bet. Happy feet = happy wife. No brainer.

Running with Lily Trotters compression socks

And with my birthday coming up in a couple months (hint, hint husband), I’m here pulling on a pair of Lily Trotters compression socks for the first time, minutes before an all-day relay run. This is my favorite kind of race: women only, no judgment about racing times – 2 of us were nursing moms pumping in between our runs (one of us chose the car, the other ran into a Utah Department of Natural Resources building and pumped at a park ranger’s desk. My appreciation to the ranger for his unknowing sacrifice. His female colleagues lent me his desk).

I’ve never run in these socks before, so it may have seemed risky. But it turned out really great. The weather went from 90-degree days, to 50 degrees in less than a weekend. My husband (dropping me off at a runner’s house at 5:30 in the morning) yells at me to take my jacket or I’m going to freeze. He was right. So my legs (in running capris instead of pants) were bound to suffer without these socks.

So besides keeping my legs warm, what’s the point to compression socks?

Here’s the lowdown when you run: when your legs hit the pavement over and over and over again (3 separate 3-mile runs = painful muscles). Just think about the shock and vibration going through your muscles!

Compression socks provide graduated compression. Aka, the compression is tighter at the foot & ankle, and more loose the higher up on your leg. This compression helps counter gravity, and get blood flowing back through your body. Increased blood flow is going to help your performance and help you recover faster.

Why was this such a big deal to me?

Post-relay wedding. My family was picking me up right after the race to quickly shower, get dressed, put on a pair of heels (ouch!) and dash to an old roommate’s wedding. After a total of 9 miles of running, the last thing my feet want to do is wear heels for 3 hours while carrying a squawking baby and run circles around a bored 3-year-old. Recipe for disaster? Let’s just say I might not be the only one throwing shoes into the air.

Lily Trotters will keep your feet & legs comfortable in style

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Lily Trotters will keep your feet & legs comfortable in style

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“My feet are important to me. Whether I’m working out or trying to follow 2 kids around all day, I need socks that will stay with me the whole day. Because kids don’t take a break when your feet hurt.”

Lana Medina

Here’s what happened though, my feet weren’t complaining. Granted, I’m not a heels type of person in the first place, so my feet weren’t ecstatic about walking on stilts for 3 hours, but instead of misery after 9 miles of running, my feet were tolerating the heels. It was like the relay didn’t happen.

I looked up the company. Lily Trotters was created after the owner was on a plane for 10+ hours and compression socks saved her feet & legs from torture. But when she went looking for stylish compression socks, the options were slim to none.

So she created her own and Lily Trotters has been going ever since. I wore these bad boys a couple days later to work, and they were still really cute and comfy.

Sure, I could probably find some cheaper socks on the market, but they won’t keep me going after a long day of work, let alone a workout… And I can wear them anywhere (except maybe the beach) – can your socks say that?

Bottom line. We’re women, we want something stylish to wear. But why sacrifice comfort for it??? (I’m talking to you heels…) Life is hard enough, give your feet a little comfort and they’ll keep you happy.

And by the way husband, we’re about 2 months out from my birthday. Lily Trotters has some other designs. Hint, hint.