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Covered Goods:


“Nursing – car seat – grocery shopping car – scarf

4 in 1 cover”


My diaper bag is stuffed full of a million and one things I might need for my baby on any outing. Diapers, wipes, butt paste, toy, spare clothes, second toy left in there, Cheerios snack, second snack from 2 weeks ago that needs to be tossed, bib, baby shoes, 3 pairs of socks, jacket from 3 months ago that no longer fits, blankie, pacifier, etc.

That’s why I love anything that has multiple uses. Wipes can be used for my baby’s bum and my 4-year-old’s sticky hands. That extra pair of socks can become mittens. That old snack becomes a doggie treat.

4 in 1 nursing cover

But that’s nothing compared to Covered Goods’ 4 in 1 cover that I first spotted at the ABC Kids Expo. I’ve seen nursing covers that double as scarves, but never a nursing cover that also works as a car seat cover and a shopping cart cover before.

But that’s exactly what Covered Goods offers: a nursing cover for everything.


This nursing cover is made from a high quality rayon spandex, and it’s really really stretchy. When worn as a scarf, I could double wrap it around my neck, so there’s no worry about it being too small postpartum.


Nursing cover = check!

Covered Goods sent a sample in exchange for an unbiased review, and I spent 3 weeks testing this out. First – the nursing cover. My baby is 9 months old right now and likes grabbing everything she can when she’s eating. She’s particularly adept at pulling off her socks within 5 seconds of latching on. She’s not usually fond of nursing covers at this age, but she seemed to like the soft material and rubbed it between her little fingers over and over again.

Then I took her and my 4-year-old grocery shopping. Before getting in the car, I tested it out as a car seat cover. Easy to put over her car seat with enough room for her to see out. I’ve previously used one of the canopy-style car seat covers, but they get flipped around really easy and I hate having to adjust it. This style came with an added bonus – her blankie & her stuffed animals that have a habit of falling out, were trapped inside thanks to the cover’s design.

Next – the grocery store. At 9 months old, my baby can sit up on her own and it’s much easier to place her in the grocery cart seat than have her remain in her car seat (and take up the entire grocery cart). For babies younger than 5 months, this probably won’t work because they can’t (usually) sit up unsupported.

How to: set baby in grocery cart seat, then wrap the cover around the back of the seat and the shopping cart handle. And the nice thing is, because it also works as a scarf. I went from taking it off her car seat, to wearing it as a scarf, and then taking it off my neck to use as the grocery cart cover.

A 4 in 1 nursing cover with even more uses!

Covered Goods

Nursing cover
Car seat cover
Grocery shopping cart cover
Washing machine friendly

A 4 in 1 nursing cover with even more uses!

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Good purchase for new moms – whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding – it really doesn’t matter because there are several other really great uses for this cover.”

Lana Medina

Extra uses:

I found a few extra uses for the cover. Because it washes really easy (machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat kept it soft and in good shape), I also started using the back of the scarf as a nose wiping tissue. No judgment: when you need a tissue, there are none around ever. This was on my neck, or on her car seat, or on the grocery shopping cart – always around.

It was also great as a back-up blankie. My baby just wants something soft that smells like Mommy to cuddle, the Covered Goods nursing cover is both.


These are just a few options…

I also love all the designs available. They have 40 (I counted) designs available. Are you in the mood for stripes, flowers, elephants, polka dots, solid, plaid, leopard, or panda (yes, they really have an adorable panda design) – have a few back ups. Your baby’s car seat can be stylish, and your scarf, and your nursing cover, and your grocery cart cover.

Final Say:

Good purchase for new moms – whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding – it really doesn’t matter because there are several other really great uses for this cover. And if your baby decides to spit up in the car, thank your lucky stars there’s something close by for clean up that is machine washable.