“nothing will stand between you and culinary greatness”

Cutting Board Comparison 

 Preparing delicious food of all kinds is a daily ritual for me, which is why I use a cutting board every day.  

compared two very different ones, looking at ease-of-use, durability and overall qualityThe Teakhaus, made by Proteakis spacious rectangle of beautiful teak wood, and the other is a four-pieceBPA-free cutting board set from Resort Chef International.  

 A Google search told me using a wooden or plastic cutting board is about the same when it comes to choosing wood over plastic for vegetables and animal proteins. 

Regardless of what food you prepare, it’s always smart to clean your cutting boards thoroughly between ingredients to avoid consumption of harmful bacteria. 


Teakhaus by Proteak 

Don’t drop the Teakhaus on your footIt’s made from 100% FSC-certified sustainable wood, making it quality culinary equipment your toes won’t forget.  

 Its smooth wooden surface also smells great. Remove a single cardboard packaging strip, give it a good wash, and nothing will stand between you and culinary greatness. 

The Teakhaus provides generous work space for carving a holiday roast, or possibly, a small Tuna. There’s room to slice NY-style pizza, or roll out chapatis, and its natural texture didn’t slide on my countertops. 

 It’s roominess (24x18x1.5 in.), however, may not be entirely practical for all living spaces, which isn’t a bad thing because variety is fun. 

 Its real estate was a nice change from what I typically use, which is less grandand my vegetables didn’t pile up on top of one another as I choppedI also enjoyed its solidness when I picked it up using the two finished hand grips at both ends, so it could be time for a change.  


  • Lovely aesthetic 
  • Durable 
  • FSC-certified 

  • Could be slightly awkward to wash or store, depending on your available space 


4-Piece Cutting Board Set | Resort Chef International 

 I meant it, when I said these were two different cutting boards.  

 The Teakhaus is a standalone tool that arrives nearly naked, and without packaging, while the 4-Piece Cutting Board Set with Food Icons from Resort Chef International offers a versatile alternative for home cooks, with options. 

Each piece is an individual cutting surfacelabeled with different food icon, also designated by a specific color, to indicate appropriate use. 

 Resort Chef International’s set is BPA-free, and dishwasher safe, with microbial protection. It comes with a ceramic knife and cover, that felt like fluff, and worse, it broke using minimal force. 

 Although its small, silicon mat provides temporary traction, it will eventually need to be replaced. beveled rectangle in the top left corner of each board, and a corresponding tab at the top of each piece are places where material or bacteria may hide. Its smaller size is prone to messiness compared with the Teakhaus. 

 I appreciate the separates, but wasn’t thrilled about this set’s riot of plastic, or overall quality. I’d go with a large, smooth, wooden cutting board, for my happy kitchen. 



  • Use & Care FAQ Sheet 
  • Color-coded for specific use 

  • More boards mean, more boards 
  • Ceramic knife too fragile for practical use (or I’m simply too hard on stuff) 
  • Uneven surface is catch-points for food 


*FYI: BPAstands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, used in food storage containers such as water bottles since the 1960’s. BPAexposure is a concern because of possible health effects on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. (mayoclinic.org) 



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