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“Safe & comforting for babies”


I swear, there’s nothing worse than hearing your baby sniffling, stuffed up and coughing – especially struggling to breathe in the middle of the night. What do you get with saline and a booger sucker? A lot of baby screaming. A humidifier helps (or the steam from a hot shower), but what really makes the difference is a decongesting chest rub.

I’ve felt the difference when I’ve been sick, and it really does help you sleep at night, but for a baby – what’s safe?

Sick baby 🙁

So when I went searching for a decongestant chest rub safe for babies, I came across Bella B Naturals. First off, I really love that all their products are made with organic ingredients and are free of paragons (artificial preservatives), animal by-products and harsh chemicals.

I don’t typically care what goes on my skin, but I really really care what goes on my baby girl’s skin. Am I the only parent like that? Same with sunscreen – I’ll use anything that says SPF (if I use it at all), but my kids? Oh no… they’re getting the safest chemical-free version out there, and I will slather it on their skin every hour they’re outside exposed to the sun’s rays.


What is safe:

Most ingredients found in decongesting chest rubs, like eucalyptus and other oils, are safe for babies, but one ingredient you should definitely avoid: Menthol (commonly found in Vick’s Vapor Rub – and is the reason you absolutely shouldn’t use it on children under 2 years old)

Why it’s so important to avoid Menthol:

Studies nearly 10 years ago discovered that children under 2 years old may develop severe respiratory distress when applied a decongesting chest rub with menthol.

A study published in the American College of Chest Physicians (a peer reviewed journal) found that the product can stimulate mucus production  and airway inflammation, which can have really dangerous effects on infants or young children.

“Infants and young children have airways that are much narrower than those of adults, so any increase in mucus or inflammation can narrow them more severely,” said  bruce K. Rubin, M.D., lead author of the study and a professor in the department of pediatrics at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Nowadays, most decongesting chest rubs will specifically say whether they’re safe for children under 2 years old or not, and Vick’s even makes a Baby version without Menthol.

Bella B Naturals wins!

Decongesting chest rub

Safe for babies
No harsh chemicals
Soothing rub

Bella B Naturals wins!

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It’s hard not to trust Bella B’s Little Bee decongestant chest rub. The second I put it on my own fingertips, I can smell the comforting vapors of eucalyptus and lavender.”

Lana Medina

The Test:

So, if both are safe. Which is better? I wanted to compare Bella B Naturals’ version of a decongesting chest rub to Vick’s BabyRub version, which I’ve used in the past.

Both the Bella B Naturals and Vick’s Babyrub helped my little one sleep through the night when she was stuffed up and sounding like a frog was stuck in her throat. I could actually hear the difference when she starts to breathe easier.

Soothing smell

It’s hard not to trust Bella B’s Little Bee decongestant chest rub. The second I put it on my own fingertips, I can smell the comforting vapors of eucalyptus and lavender. There’s no menthol (unsafe for babies!) or petroleum, so it’s not greasy or too overpowering for little noses.

The Vick’s baby rub worked fine too, but I didn’t like the petroleum as much. The Bella B Naturals version felt more like a lotion I was rubbing into her skin, so it doubled as a bonding moment for mom and baby.

Final Say:

My vote is for the Bella B Naturals Little Bee decongesting chest rub. Yes, both work and both are safe for my little one. But with the internet, any Google search or depressing news story about some new study involving dangers to infants will send me into a panic. It’s nice knowing I’m using products that are more than safe for my baby.