Black+Blum wine rack



“6 wine bottles on the wall –

Good to go!”


Affordable and wine are two of the best words in the English language.  In French, it’s “abordable” and “du vin”. Italian? Why it’s “a prezzi accessibili” and “vino.” You can either believe I’m fluent in a number of languages, or super good at Google.  But I digress…


This week via four screws and a stainless-steel wine rack thanks to Black+Blum, I enjoyed a little art deco on my kitsch kitchen wall. Following the Black+Blum product line, this affordable, yet well-made wine rack certainly gives a bang for your buck. Holding six bottles of your bottom shelf vino or your fine Port, the rack shows off your collection with a shiny brushed stainless steel finish. Sadly, there is not a place to put your box of Franzia. If like the women in my family, you prefer bottles of champagne, the Black+Blum wine rack holds those too.

With that kind of weight the husband decided, despite the special rawl plugs, to screw the wine rack into a stud. If I were left alone to handle the job, the beautiful rack would sit in its box on top of the fridge. This is not because of difficulty, this is because there aren’t ever any wine bottles sitting around; they go directly in the consumer (me). I do think after loading the wine into the rack, it was a good decision to go for the stud; it really was heavy, but carried the load.


Many wine racks spend their lives as an added island in the kitchen or gathering dust in the corner of the front room; the Black + Blum wine rack frees of counter space and can basically go in any room. This is good for my family since space is a commodity I don’t see us getting anytime soon.

A big selling point for this rack – its actual artistic design, calling out “modern” in my mind’s eye. It mostly carries this moniker thanks to the high-end finish. The husband actually pulled this rack from its box and immediately commented on the finish. Really, Black+Blum’s wine rack is a work of art. Channeling some Ralph Waldo here, as the sun set through the bay window, beams caught the rack and cast light all over my walls. It was quite lovely as I drank wine. Imagine if I had a wall of these racks filled with my favorite long-necked beverages…

Wine + art

Black+Blum wine rack

Weight limit
Wine bottle angle
Stainless steel design

Wine + art

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“Six bottles, one stainless steel rack, and beaucoup bucks of booze, of course one wants to make sure the Black+Blum wine rack is stable enough to carry the weight… t was up to the task.”

Meg Sanders

In the end, installation was easy. I do caution those armed with a drill: search for a stud as I do believe the rack not only needs a stud, but wants a stud. Sure, I didn’t really do any work in the process of hanging up the thing; I was more emotional support with a glass and a phone. It was fast enough that I paid attention through the entire process. When the husband fixed a pipe in our bathroom it took two days, so of course screwing a wine rack to the wall was a piece of cake. Also, if like me you’re more of a Type B personality, leave the installation to a Type A as getting this rack perfectly vertical is kind of important considering the cargo.

3 bottles on one side = steady support!

Six bottles, one stainless steel rack, and beaucoup bucks of booze, of course one wants to make sure the Black+Blum wine rack is stable enough to carry the weight.  As I stated above, it was up to the task but it can appear like the bottles are precariously perched within the rack itself. They may not stick out straight as depicted on the box. I found I really had to jam the bottles up in the hole to be sure each bottle was securely in its place. No bottle fell even after some shenanigans by the three children who haunt the halls of my manor. Walls stood strong, my counter appeared clear, and I found myself with actual cupboard space, which is so overwhelming I’m still not sure what appliance I’m going to stuff into the free slot.

This being said, be smart and don’t put vino on only one side of the rack, keep things balanced, practice some wine feng shui. I tested the rack using just one side, and again, the wine was safe. Your kid is safe in a seatbelt, but they’re safer in a five-point harness. Counterweight and even distribution is the five-point harness to your Black+Blum wine rack.


Black+Blum made a modern wine rack which draws the eye and classes up the joint. This wine rack is both functional and decorative. This being said, it’s also affordable as opposed to some of the larger racks out there which are less art and more furniture. While it may only hold six bottles, not enough for a major wine aficionado, one can easily buy two considering the price. In the end it’s hard for me to say no to “Wein” and “erschwinglich” (just some of my fluent German).