FitBit 2 Charger

It’s a personal trainer on the go

Fit Bit 2:

Like having a personal trainer on your wrist – bugging you to work out every 20 minutes.

But because it’s not a real person, you can’t tell them to go away.

I remember with my first baby, the weight just came off. So with baby #2, I assumed the same thing would happen. Maybe it’s all the donuts I’ve been munching on, or the quesadillas I never say no to, but this time around it’s been a battle.

So I finally decided enough was enough. I’m a fairly active person, but clearly I’ve been snacking a tad too much. It’s hard though. Half of what I eat are leftovers, and that never feels like a full meal. How many times a day can a 3-year-old take one bite of something and leave the remainder to trash?? If the dogs don’t eat it, I feel someone should.

Here’s where the Fit Bit 2 comes in. I was skeptical about wearing it all day, and have it tracking my activity. I mean, do I really want it monitoring the days when I don’t leave my couch? And trust me, those first days after my baby was born, I didn’t take more than 200 steps.

6 months later: here’s my chance to drop those last (not saying how many) pounds that refuse to budge.




15-day recap:

DAY 1: 4,367 steps. Woohoo! I’m awesome! I never realized how many steps I take!

DAY 2: 4,203 steps. Wait, didn’t I take more steps?

DAY 3: 5,479 steps. Ha! Just a little more walking around. I took the stairs instead of the elevator, score!

DAY 4: 9,850 steps. YES! I went for a run today, I’m on top of the world!

DAY 5: 3,358 steps. Crap. Don’t judge me Fit Bit 2. Everyone needs an off day

DAY 6: Forgot to wear it. Whoops….

DAY 7: Forgot to wear it again. Crap.

DAY 8: 8,967 steps. Totally made up for the last 2 days. Took the dogs on another run, they’re happy. I’m happy

DAY 9: 3,899 steps. Hmph

DAY 10: 5,385 steps. Slightly better. Went on a walk today. Why is summer so hot???

DAY 11: 10,469 steps. MWA HA HA! Look at me now Fit Bit 2! That’s what happens when you add a 4-mile run. Feeling good!

DAY 12: 11,743 steps. YES! New pattern in my life. I’m going running EVERY DAY

DAY 13: 2,764 steps. Post 2-day run exhaustion. Needed a break

DAY 14: 3,465 steps. Doesn’t mean I’m slipping back into inactivity. Everyone has 1-2 off days… per week. Totally normal

DAY 15: Crap. Forgot to wear it.

So, did I lose the baby weight? It’s been 15 days, that would be ridiculous. But I did drop 1 pound! Hey, no judgement, I’m proud of that! Did the Fit Bit 2 make the difference? It actually did, but not in the way you think.

By continually reminding me to ‘Get up and move!’, earn rewards, and essentially just buzzing at me to get my butt up, I listened. It’s like a slightly annoying personal trainer tapping your wrist every 30 minutes, saying, ‘Hey! Maybe when you go to the bathroom, do a chore, or walk around for a few minutes before you sit back down.’

And because I was tracking my steps, I started unconsciously tracking what I ate. Hmmm, that donut’s a lot of calories. Should I eat it? Yeah, I want to. Should I eat a second one? Nah, I’ll grab an apple instead. My son only ate 2 bites of his sandwich. Fine, I’ll finish it. But that’s lunch, not a snack.


Are there any downsides?

Of course. It’s a piece of technology after all. I did notice that unless bluetooth and location were turned on my phone during a run, it didn’t track my distance accurately. I would go on something I know is a 3 1/2 mile run, and the FitBit 2 would call it a 2 mile run. Jerk.

Is the Fit Bit 2 worth it?

Yes, but not just if you’re trying to drop a couple pounds. The real benefit is the activity reminders, the fact that it can track how well you sleep, and the accountability online when you sync it.

It’s great having a personal trainer on your wrist. The downside is you can’t tell them to go away when you really don’t want to be active.

The continuous reminders actually get you up & moving!

Should you get a Fit Bit Charge 2?

Weight tracking
Buzzed reminders
Sleep tracking
Reward bonuses
Sync ability

The continuous reminders actually get you up & moving!

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Added bonus

If you turn on bluetooth, it will also alert you when you receive a text message