Piggy Paint:


“A happy girl is a safe girl. Non-toxic nail polish you can trust.”


“Happy Girl” is exactly what my daughter looked like when handed a cute drawstring bag of brightly colored Piggy Paint nail polish. She gingerly extracted each bottle, and we got to work testing them out.


The most important thing to know about Piggy Paint is that they are, as advertised, “Natural as Mud.” Piggy Paint’s website lists their polish ingredients as follows:

Water, acrylates copolymer, neem oil.  May contain the following colorants (depending on
shade):  Red 34 Lake, ultramarines, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, red 28, yellow 10,
violet 2, zinc sulfide/copper, copper flake, orange 5, and red 22.

Everything listed is biodegradable! I’ve always been careful about the chemicals in beauty products. My daughter is six, and we still use allergen free baby shampoo that won’t sting her eyes. She discovered makeup in children’s theatre classes, and when her eyes reacted to mascara, I insisted that for the rest of the performances, her makeup be restricted to blush and lipstick. Healthy skin is more beautiful than any chemical!

While cautioned not to ingest the polish, you can rest assured that this is one of the simplest concoctions out there for a toxin-free mani-pedi. This mama made sure of that!

Besides ingredients: color, durability, and user-friendliness are the qualities we look for in nail polish. Here’s what my daughter and I found:

Color:  This particular Piggy Paint gift set contains 6 colors:

  • Mint to Be
  • LOL
  • Let’s Flamingle
  • Sea-quin
  • Groovy Grape
  • Shimmy Shimmy POP

My daughter is in the obligatory pink and purple phase, and was understandably delighted with the four warm polishes. I favor cooler colors, and was happy to see there was something for me too in the Happy Girl bundle (Sea-quin and Mint to Be.)

Preferences aside, I’ve found kids have the most fun with nail polish if they’re given free reign on color and design, for both their own nails and yours. Offer your hands as a blank canvas, and enjoy the added benefit of fine motor skills practice, plus the confidence boost that your child receives simply by pampering someone else.

Fun & non-toxic colors! Worth it!

Piggy Paint Nail Polish

Non Toxic
User friendliness

Fun & non-toxic colors! Worth it!

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“If it is your intention to have fun, artsy, quality time with your child, rather than a perfect, chip-free manicure, then I highly recommend trying these out!”

Emily Metcalf


Piggy Paint recommends: “For maximum chip resistance, blow dry polished nails for 1 minute on warm heat/
low blower setting.” We discovered this extra step is definitely necessary if you want the polish to stay fully applied for more than a day. When we didn’t use the blow dryer, chips were visible mere hours after our first application.

This can be both a pro and a con, though, to be honest. If the process itself is what you and your child enjoy, easily removable paint simply gives you a reason to do it all over again! Change polish colors with your daily outfit!


This polish is for kids, so I was curious to see if my own kid could actually open the bottle herself. She totally can. Other nail polishes that I have bought for myself at grocery stores can be very tight and difficult to unscrew. Piggy Paint has a good grip, and my daughter could get all six bottles open herself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll want her opening them willy-nilly wherever and whenever she wants. If you’ve ever tried to remove paint form carpet, you’ll understand why! Having Mom or another grownup nearby during any manicure moment is not only safe, but saves you grief on cleanup later!

We always lay a paper towel over a hard surface, such as tile, countertop, or a dining table. A couple drops of Piggy Paint spilled on our wood table, but they were gone in an instant with a quick wipe of a wet cloth. My daughter also knocked a bottle over a few times, but Piggy Paint polish is thick enough, that if you upright the bottle quickly, it won’t have time to pour out. Whew!

Final Say:

Overall, I am very impressed with Piggy Paint. If it is your intention to have fun, artsy, quality time with your child, rather than a perfect, chip-free manicure, then I highly recommend trying these out! And as your child gets older, more patient, and more determined to have a flawless outcome, you can always try Piggy Paint Basecoat and Piggy Paint Topcoat!