“I dare you not to laugh while your baby is wearing this ‘Mustachifier’.”


I ‘Must Ache’ you a question: is my baby too hipster for this pacifier? Sorry, but I’ve been dying to use that line ever since I got FCTRY’s Mustache Pacifier.

My baby girl, who if it wasn’t for all the pink, you might question if she’s a boy or girl, took to this pacifier like a baby who likes pacifiers. My baby girl has been addicted to those suckers (haha! See what I did there??) since she was a few months old, so I wasn’t too surprised she liked the ‘Mustachifier’.

She’s particularly fond of the NUK brand and these are a similar type of nipple.

When I opened the packaging, I was really happy to discover it came with a specialty case to store the pacifier when not in use. I have 2 dogs, do you have any idea how much dog hair is in my house?? If I don’t vacuum once every few days, my kids start looking like they’re shedding too.

What pacifier doesn’t end up on the floor every 2-3 hours? If your baby doesn’t drop it (intentionally or unintentionally, I still haven’t figured that one out), someone else will knock it over. And then there’s dog hair on it. I’m going to admit this: I routinely put my baby’s pacifier in my mouth to clean it. Especially when out in public and there’s no place to sanitize it. If my baby is crying, beggers can’t be choosers. I’ve put dog hair-covered pacifiers in my mouth (yuck!) more times than I want to count…

Have I made it really clear?? This case comes in handy.

But for those of you who really care about the pacifier itself, I did some research. FCTRY’s Mustachifier is 100% BPA free and it has an orthodontic nipple design (because how many of us haven’t read a million and one online warnings about pacifiers leading to future braces…).

I also discovered something else, my baby really likes the mustache. No, she’s not going to develop a predisposition for dating guys with mustaches in the future (at least, I hope not???). But half the time she wasn’t chomping down on the actual pacifier, but instead the mustache part of it. And no surprise, it’s soft and flexible – easy for a baby to gum on, especially a teething baby.

If you’re thinking – but what if my baby tries to chew on the ‘mustache’ part and starts to choke on it? Rest easy, you can’t detach the mustache from the pacifier.

Quality pacifier - making everyone laugh


100% BPA free
Soft & flexible material
Orthodontic nipple design
No choking hazard
Pacifier shield

Quality pacifier - making everyone laugh

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“It’s 100% BPA free, soft & flexible nipple design, and everyone keeps laughing because my baby girl has a mustache. When she gets older and sees these pictures – she may not be laughing as much as I am.”

Lana Medina

This ‘Mustachifier’ showed up at the right time for me. I had been digging for one of my baby’s beloved pacifiers for hours and was getting ready to buy 2 new packs when I got the FCTRY brand. At that point, I was ready to make a deal with the devil if only she had something to help get her to nap.

Thankfully she approved of the replacement. Mom was ready for a nap at that point too…

3 different styles from FCTRY

Now, if you’re interested in your own ‘Mustachifier’ – it actually comes in a few styles: The Gentleman, The Cowboy, and The Ladies Man.

The only downsides: I’m not getting anything done because I keep taking pictures of my baby girl and laughing at her new ‘mustache’.