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“Comfort for any workout”


So, I have to admit, I’ve never tried Yoga before, or given any thought to yoga clothing until I was given a set of yoga pants and an awesome-looking top from Inner Fire to review. I’ve always been slightly jealous of the women I see holding mats and walking off to a class in really cute looking workout clothes. I think to myself: how do they pull off looking great for a workout??? My workouts end with a sweaty disheveled looking woman who desperately needs a shower.

First off, these clothes are really awesome. The green & blue striped stretchy pants are comfortable and flexible. When I held them up, I didn’t think they would fit, but the size 6 pants I tried on would fit women in a range of sizes and heights thanks to the material. The top – a stretchy white material – made me feel ultra hip. Where’s my Instagram influencer account??? I look the part finally!

Before actually taking the plunge and trying yoga, I wanted to see whether this outfit works for other activities. My workout of choice: running


I took this yoga clothing outfit on a 5 mile run in downtown Salt Lake City. The most important thing is how comfortable I felt running in the outfit. It was a little hot outside (Utah summers can be brutal, even at the end of May) but the pants didn’t chafe, feel uncomfortable or make me feel like I’m burning with the sun high overhead.

Verdict: Yoga clothing from Inner Fire is great for runners!


Goblin Valley exploration with Inner Fire!

My next attempt to test out these clothes is a camping trip along the Green River. I wore this outfit for more than 24 hours, including sleeping in it inside my tent. I wore a different style of yoga clothing outfit when we walked around Goblin Valley while my kids tried to find the best hiding places around the ‘goblin’ statues.

Verdict: Comfortable and I felt chic in the outfit (and thankfully, it wasn’t hard to wash the dirt out after)


Now, this is what Inner Fire is actually meant for. So I took the plunge and signed up for a yoga class. First off, these legging pants kept me comfy as I stretched my body in the most bizarre poses imaginable. FYI, yoga is not for the faint of heart. It looks easy but it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. I’m officially hooked.

Comfort for almost any occasion

Inner Fire

Not see-through

Comfort for almost any occasion

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“Worth it – whether you’re a yoga junkie or just like wearing comfortable workout clothes, Inner Fire is your best bet for awesome yoga clothes for almost any occasion.”

Lana Medina


Now, the 2 types of yoga legging pants I tried out were size 6 and 8. Both sizes fit well. They hit right at the top of my foot and made the extra little tummy I have after birthing 2 kids feel supported. The prints on both leggings were stunning and my husband gave the rear end design for both leggings pants a thumbs up, especially in the down dog position.

Things I loved:

There’s not a lot of compression with these so you don’t have to peel them off (and feel really gross after). Not see-through pants (huge plus if you’re bending over backwards trying to stretch your body to the max).

I also did some research – this yoga clothing is made with recycled material and the seams overlap for a long-lasting outfit.

Final Say:

Worth it – whether you’re a yoga junkie or just like wearing comfortable workout clothes, Inner Fire is your best bet for awesome yoga clothes for almost any occasion.