“Cold water stayed cold

Hot water stayed just right, and both were BPA free.”


How much innovation is left in the design of a water bottle? Short of making the sucker fly, I didn’t think there was much to be done—I was wrong.


Stainless steel, medical grade, and BPA free, the Thinksport insulated water bottle keeps in mind those who want to drink their beverage but also avoid harsh chemicals pouring into his/her body.  In my case, I haven’t really lost sleep over BPA, or even mold which can build up in bottles.  Maybe it’s because my mom gave me BPA- enriched bottles as a baby and I’m immune? While it may not be a huge concern for me, many other parents, hikers, runners, and athletes are concerned about what bottle they use daily.


Thinksport ensures each of their insulated athletic bottles is free from biologically harmful chemicals. I suppose if I were more educated on the horrors of BPA that would be my top concern. But as a busy human I want to know if the Thinksport insulated water bottle is dishwasher safe. Sure it is, which is the top selling point to me. I loathe washing bottles by hand. The plastic used in the bottle held up under pressure of my dishwasher, it smelled clean inside without the metal sting some aluminum bottles carry, and while it’s a fairly large bottle (25 ounces), it fit if I kept it to the outer edges to avoid the washer blade.


Features are typically something found on a car or a smartphone, but this water bottle’s got ‘em. First, it’s vacuum sealed which limits bacteria growth – perfect for our home as my husband uses the same water bottle with the same water days in a row. It’s too much work twisting the lid to get fresh water.  

This brings me to the second “feature”—insulation.  The insulation keeps water cold so the husband can use the same water over and over. Perk—because it’s doubled-walled, stainless-steel, the bottle doesn’t sweat. Can’t say this for the husband…

My own personal favorite feature is the mesh filter and easy to drink spout, particularly because I’m an avid tea drinker. When hunkered down in my cubicle or shackled in my minivan I cart around a thermos of already made tea (which is usually lukewarm), or pour water into a mug to seep my teabags. With the Thinksport, I really loved dropping the teabag directly into the bottle to seep, and then drink straight from the spout.  Seriously though, the water was still hot, which was fabulous.

Good for your active lifestyle

ThinkSport Insulated Bottle

Vacuum sealed
Dishwasher safe
BPA free
Insulated for hot & cold

Good for your active lifestyle

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“Between the dishwasher, the gym, work and school pick-up, Thinksport Stainless Steel Sports Bottle was up to the challenge. Cold water stayed cold, hot water stayed just right, and both were BPA free.”

Meg Sanders

Considering the most exercise I do is hoisting the food tray at Chick-Fil-A for lunch, I had to turn to an expert on whether or not the Thinksport was any good for a gym rat. My significant other belongs to the cult of CrossFit, going every day, working himself into the same size of jeans I wear.  

As an Aerospace Engineer, I trusted his breakdown of the Thinksport bottle, but as an Aerospace Engineer, his words are few. He told me his favorite feature was the handle as it’s quick to grab when working a WOD (workout of the day—see cult) and time is scarce. The husband also questioned the durability of the plastic used on the handle, particularly after a dishwasher cleaning. Similar plastic can become brittle over time; although two washes down, the handle is still good to go. Thinksport recommends the plastic collar be removed before washing.


While the Thinksport insulated water bottle comes with a mesh filter, it doesn’t strain out chlorine, bacteria, or other contaminants found in water. For me drinking unwanted amoeba isn’t the biggest pitfall of the Thinksport Insulated water bottle, rather it doesn’t fit a standard sized cup holder in my car.

Removing the plastic collar before wash is a pain, it can be done, but one will have to exhibit patience for a few seconds. Again, if I don’t have to wash it in the sink, sticking my hand down the bottle, I’m willing to remove the plastic collar.


Between the dishwasher, the gym, work and school pick-up, Thinksport Stainless Steel Sports Bottle was up to the challenge. Cold water stayed cold, hot water stayed just right, and both were BPA free. I would say it’s a bag for the buck, and a bottle my family will use for a number of occasions.