Role Play Bib:

“My kid is clean & I don’t have to wash another load of laundry.”


My son routinely says he wants to make ‘color cookies’, AKA, sugar cookies with different colors for frosting & rainbow sprinkles. This happens every 2-3 weeks, and it’s a disaster.

First off, have you tried making cookies with a 3-year-old and a baby??? Disaster. Flat out disaster. The baby is covered in flour, and the 3-year-old wants to do EVERYTHING himself – including adding the flour, the sugar, mixing in the butter, and don’t even think about touching the frosting. That’s his job.

My kitchen is left a train wreck and both kids need a bath. And their clothes? Forget the washing machine, those are garbage now.

So I decided to test out Mixed Pear’s Role Play Bib. As my 3-year-old said when he saw it: ‘Mom! I’m a parrot now! SQUAAAAWWWKKKK!’If you couldn’t see in the pictures, it’s like a giant cover for his shirt in the design of a parrot. He actually started running around my house flapping his ‘wings’.

Properly suited up, we set out to make cookies, and you know what? It made quite the difference. He was shockingly clean after the whole experience.


If you’re thinking: it’s cookies, why are your kids getting so messy in the first place? Just look at the pictures.We have a small kitchen so I use the table for everything. And when you have a 3-year-old bossing you around and telling you, ‘NO NO NO THAT’S MY JOB!’ and you’re trying to encourage independence, you have to be ready for some big messes.

When the sugar spills onto the floor, you just roll with it. But for once, my 3-year-old at least was clean. I can’t say the same about my baby, she was going to town on some applesauce. That went everywhere.

Now, if you don’t like parrots, it does come in a bunch of different styles: spaceship, chef (which would make more sense for baking cookies), doctor, firefighter (my kid would never take it off), lion, etc. And it fits a range of kids. Once this stops fitting my almost 4-year-old, it’s going to fit my baby, who may need it more.

Skip the bath & having to wash clothes again and again and again

Do you need a role play bib?

Washing machine safe
Multiple Use

Skip the bath & having to wash clothes again and again and again

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My kid stayed clean, pity my table didn’t. I should get a tablecloth…

Lana Medina

PROS: Clean clothes

This means:

-No sticky sugar/flour residue

-No icing covering his clothes

-No food dye that accidentally spilled on his arms

The bib reminded me of a plastic tablecloth for my kid. Pity my table didn’t have one, because that took awhile to clean up.


I now have 3 dozen cookies that someone needs to eat. Who’s hungry?