“Opens one-handed

Swings open both ways

Keeps baby away

from the stairs!”


The minute my baby girl started crawling, she started disappearing. I would look away for 30 seconds and she would be all the way across the room. At 10 months old, she’s tried to eat the dog’s food, she’s successfully eaten a piece of the cat’s food, she grabbed one of her brother’s legos and shoved it up my nose. And every time I turn around, she’s crawling for the stairs. Long story short: we need a baby safety gate.

With Kid #1, we used a decrepit gate that my parents gave us as a present, which we later discovered was actually the gate they used for me (from a number of years ago I won’t admit to). But it was always a pain because we couldn’t actually put it near the stairs. Our house is designed where the door to the garage is at the top of the stairs and right by a railing. I’m half paranoid someone is going to open the door and a hiding child is going to get pushed down the stairs. It’s an awkward place where your typical baby safety gate just won’t work.

KidCo Baby Safety Gate

Enter KidCo’s baby safety gate. There’s several options available for whatever type of stairwell or doorway you need it. We went with the Top of Stair baby safety gate version. I was a little paranoid it wouldn’t work out because of the design of my house. It can’t go exactly at the top of the stairwell, it has to go between the railing and the wall because of that sneaky additional step leading to the garage doorway.

But this baby safety gate was up to the challenge. It can fit an entryway from anywhere between 24.75 inches to 43.5 inches. KidCo does manufacture a pressure mounted baby safety gate (several types actually) but the problem is I have a 4-year-old. As tempting as it is to lock him inside a room with his sister… no, no, can’t even go there.

Installing it was a little tricky – I’m not the drilling/hardware/tools kind of gal. Hanging up a picture is about as far as I go. And then my husband has to fix it because I forgot to use a leveler to make sure the picture is straight. I maintain however, that I meant to hang those pictures up crooked.

One-handed latch for the baby safety gate

To save my husband having to fix the walls, I just asked him straight out to install the gate. Warning: installing this baby safety gate will require drilling into the wall. So if you don’t want to put a hole in your wall, I’d go with a pressure mounted gate.

Slight problem:

The KidCo gate comes with a sheet to tape to each side of the stairwell or wall to line up where you need to drill, but my husband noticed it wasn’t matched exactly to the size of the latching pieces and the height of the baby safety gate.

It was still a useful jumping off point. We (and by we, I mean the hubby), lined up the sheet and marked with a pencil where he would drill. You drill in 2 points for each of the 4 attachment pieces. Once my husband finished cursing over the fact that he couldn’t find the stud finder and started drilling, it was relatively easy to attach.

Great baby safety gate

KidCo Top of Stairwell gate

Opening/Closing latch
Withstands pressure

Great baby safety gate

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It’s fairly easy to open and close, swings both ways, and does the job. Added bonus – it also helps keep the dogs from running downstairs to terrorize the cat.”

Lana Medina

What I like:

Actually, it’s love. I love the fact that the baby safety gate swings both ways. Super useful if you’re carrying something inside the house from the garage, or need to get down the stairs, the gate swings in either direction. My 4-year-old had a learning curve with figuring out the gate, but I’m actually grateful – it’s cut back on him running downstairs in the morning to get to the TV.

Latch for baby safety gate

The second thing I love is that I can open the gate one-handed (useful when carrying a million and one things). I struggle with opening a pressure mounted gate with one hand, this is easier.

Learn from me:

Make sure you line up the gate so it’s level on both sides. If you’re not careful, you might end up with one side higher than the other, which makes it a little difficult to open and close. That may or may not have happened in my husband’s attempt…

Final Say:

Even with a slight headache over set up, it keeps my baby from crawling to the stairs. It’s fairly easy to open and close, swings both ways, and does the job. Added bonus – it also helps keep the dogs from running downstairs to terrorize the cat. I’d say the cat is grateful, but he’s a cat. They’re not really grateful for anything.