Levoit Air Purifier: Making Your House Even Cleaner

I like to keep my house clean, but not just tidy up clean. I love when it smells clean and fresh. It feels so much better to walk into the house and you can tell that everything is actually clean and not just picked-up-all-the-toys clean.

I have a smaller house with an open floor plan so if there is a sippy cup with three day old milk under the couch, there is no hiding from it. I love having scented candles and wax melts around the house so it smells pretty and fresh, but all that does is cover up any bad odors that might be coming from the kitchen trash can or the dirty laundry basket.

I needed something that actually cleaned the air in my house, not just added more scents to it. That’s when I found the Levoit Air Purifier. It is an air purifier with a cleaning filtration system that sucks up all the dirty air from pets, dust, pollen, and other allergens and then releases fresh, clean air. It is so easy to use and has so many benefits that I don’t even know where to begin.

The Details

The Levoit Air Purifier has three speed levels; low, medium, and high. There is a replacement indicator that turns red to notify you when the filter needs to be changed which is about every six to eight months. It also has a built-in blue night light with two brightness levels making it ideal for your kid’s bedroom or relaxing in the living room.

First Impression

When I first got the air purifier, I placed it in between my kitchen and dining room so that it was in the middle of everything. I was eager to try it out and amazingly enough it came on laundry day which gave me a perfect opportunity. Like I mentioned before, my house is small but open so the laundry room opens up to the kitchen which opens up to the dining room and so on. My house always feels very muggy and humid on laundry day with the dryer running non-stop so I was hoping that the Levoit Air Purifier would help eliminate some of the hot, heavy air and replace it with light, fresh air. It did not disappoint.

I started out on the medium level as I started the laundry. After a couple loads I could definitely feel a difference in the air. About half-way through laundry day, I did start to notice a little of the mugginess and humidity forming so I bumped the air purifier up to the highest level. By the end of the day, my house felt like my house and not a tropical island where I still have to clean up after people and do the dishes!

Air Quality

I didn’t think that I would notice that much of a difference in the air quality on a normal day with nothing going on but I actually can! It eliminates steam, smoke, trash odors, pet odors, and more. When I am cooking, cleaning, or out of the house running errands, I always leave the Levoit Air Purifier running at least on the lowest speed setting because it gives my house a crisp and clean feeling, even if it’s not that clean.


Another huge benefit, besides the fact that it works, is the noise level. I usually leave it on the lowest setting and I often forget that it is even running because it is so quiet. Of course there is a noise since it is essentially a fan, but it is so unnoticeable on any of the speed levels. My husband likes to keep a fan running in our bedroom and the noise level on the Levoit is nothing compared to a normal fan. Even on the highest setting, all you hear is a low buzz in the background.

Final Thoughts

The Levoit Air Purifier works perfectly with any room in the house. I love when my house is clean and the Levoit Air Purifier takes it a step further making it feel and smell even more clean. It’s easy to use, it’s quiet and with three different speed settings, it can help combat any activity and smells your house is dealing with.

“Levoit Air Purifier takes it a step further making it feel and smell even more clean”

Tori Beckstead

A breath of fresh air in any room? We think so!
Air Quality

A breath of fresh air in any room? We think so!

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