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Pregnancy Must-Have


As a runner, I have a love/hate relationship with compression socks. For those unfamiliar with compression socks (also known as compression stockings), these are socks that you wear to help improve blood flow to your legs.

Many athletes swear by compression socks. Runners will wear compression socks to prevent leg cramps, swelling, and other mechanical problems that commonly occur while running long distances.

I’ve used compression socks for longer races. In some cases, the compression socks provided added comfort to my poor feet (though, they didn’t help preserve my toenails after a marathon). In other cases, the pair of socks I was wearing made my feet go numb. Not exactly a great feeling when you have 13 miles on the docket. It honestly comes down to the brand and size of the socks. I’ve since learned to do my homework.

My running days have been limited these last few months as I cruised through my second pregnancy. Some women can continue to run throughout her pregnancy with ease; I found it impossible. My hips especially gave me grievance the last four months. So I resigned to walking. I also found myself traveling a lot throughout this pregnancy.

My husband, toddler and I traveled to 7 different states in 39 weeks: Oregon, Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. Most trips required several hours onboard an airplane. We did make the 6-hour drive to Las Vegas during the second trimester.

Pregnancy must-have

Pregnant women are encouraged to wear compression socks during long trips (whether by plane, train, or automobile). The reason is that there is a risk (though slight) of developing blood clots in the legs. No Bueno, especially during pregnancy.

Clots in the legs can travel through the bloodstream to the lungs, which can be fatal to you and the unborn baby. So to be safe, I grabbed a couple of pairs of compression socks from a company called Lily Trotters.

Fashion + Fitness

Admittedly, I am partial to Lily Trotters. I’ve purchased several compression socks from the company in the past. One reason why I like their socks is they actually fit my athletic legs. Aside from running, I also swim, bike, and lift weights. So my legs are on the bulky (some may call it muscular) side. This makes finding compression socks (and jeans) rather difficult, especially when you add the water retention from pregnancy.

What I also love about their socks is that they are easy to put on and take off. This is really helpful during the third trimester when you can’t exactly see, or reach your feet.

Pregnancy survival

Lily Trotters compression socks


Pregnancy survival

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The funky patterns and bright colors also fit my personality. I could see myself using these socks again when my race training commences later this summer.”

Carla Pruitt

Lily Trotters touts two essential ingredients for a successful pair of socks: fashion and fitness. Anyone who knows me knows that I like my socks and attire loud, whether I am running a race or sitting 9 months pregnant on the couch eating ice cream (and French fries, and chocolate, and anything the baby wants). My preference is neon colors and fun, unique patterns. Lily Trotters has an abundance of compression socks to choose from to wear, pregnant or not.

Comfort + style

The Verdict?

The two pairs of compression socks I tried while traveling were unbelievably comfortable. During the 3 hour flight to Austin, Texas, I wore the compression socks with a pair of comfortable slippers. I also made sure to walk around while airborne. My destination was obviously the bathroom because… pregnancy.

I also took a pair with me to the hospital when I delivered my second child. I had a C-section with this delivery. I wore the socks while I was recovering in my hospital room to help with swelling and mitigate the risk of clots in my legs.

The funky patterns and bright colors also fit my personality. I could see myself using these socks again when my race training commences later this summer.