Little Martin’s: 


For your kid’s sickness

and testing the temperature

on their oatmeal.


Most get lucky at the craps tables, or playing Bunco with their neighbors; my luck consists of my boss giving me a digital thermometer to test out and all my children get sick in time to use it. Basically, I have the karma of Jeffrey Dahmer despite me being bottom-shelf nice.

Little Martin’s Drawer has a slew of products perfect for those little people in your life who fall victim to the awful things like fevers and congestion. This company also covers nursing and grooming for infants, which is pretty fantastic considering when my kids were babies it was difficult to find those products special made for their little fingers, toes, and all things mini. The Little Martin’s Drawer Digit Thermometer was no different getting the job done for my children ages four to eight.


Little Martin’s Digital Thermometer offers a variety of options when it comes to testing temperature. Their recommendation is for infants use the thermometer rectally, 3+ months use the forehead or armpit; 4+ years are cleared for either ear or oral. This is particularly nice because each child comes with his/her own phobias, issues, and all are elevated when kids are sick.  With five options to get a temp, Little Martin’s digital thermometer is a perfect tool in Mom’s arsenal.

Clinically tested digital thermometer

This particular digital thermometer is clinically tested, hospital grade, and FDA approved for accurate readings, but it does not factor in user error which can give one a totally off-base reading. Readings come fast so your child does not need to sit still for too long. Maybe you need to use it on Dad? In that case, readings come fast for him too.

One button basically controls the entire digital thermometer so it makes it easy to use, particularly for a person like me who gets intimidated by buttons. Once a reading comes, a fever alarm will beep, letting the user know a high temperature was detected.

Cleaning this digital thermometer is nice. I also have a different brand thermometer which uses a plastic cap while I take my kid’s temp via the ear.  If I run out of caps I either have to go buy more or that thermometer is garbage. In the case of Little Martin’s Drawer digital thermometer, I simply wash the flexible tip with warm water or use an alcohol soaked cotton ball, which is what I did.


Options! When are options ever a bad thing? If my kid can’t stand having a thermometer in her ear, let’s use the mouth. Maybe the armpit? If Mom or Dad can’t handle the idea of a rectal temp (although it’s most accurate), then she can try the forehead. Options, people.

What’s better than options? Convenience! As I mentioned above, this digital thermometer is easy to clean and easy to pack around in a diaper bag. Press the button, stick in the tip, and wait 20 seconds to get your reading. It’s an easy gauge the babysitter can use and then call you home from the date night you and your significant other have looked forward to for weeks.

Kid tested. Mom approved.

Little Martin's Drawer digital thermometer

Easy to use

Kid tested. Mom approved.

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This digital thermometer withstood the torments of being dropped, chewed, submerged, stepped on and lost in the oblivion of my daughter’s bedroom.”

Meg Sanders

Options and convenience are great, but when you have a multitude of children, I usually have to forgo the former for durability. This is why I no longer weigh 135 pounds; I’m way more durable now. This digital thermometer withstood the torments of being dropped, chewed, submerged, stepped on and lost in the oblivion of my daughter’s bedroom. While I do really love my ear digital thermometer from a different brand, I can promise you it’s a bit more breakable.  This is why I place it back in the closet far from reach since my children enjoy taking the temperature of their oatmeal.


Flexible tip

I used this thermometer over and over with different readings each time.  All those readings came back within a degree, all detecting a fever, but never the same. This makes sense in that a thermometer is an outside object that most likely can’t detect the exact degree for a litany of reasons. If you have it in your child’s mouth, and they open it, even for a split second, the reading will be different. As stated by Little Martin’s, a rectal temperature is the most accurate.

This will be a major concern for some parents as they may believe a temp of 104 F means a trip to the emergency room. For other parents, they may recognize the brain is still good at regulating temperature and will never put the body in danger of overheating itself—only in case of heatstroke. Whichever belief a parent follows, inaccuracies in a digital thermometer may outweigh their need for options, convenience, or durability.

While I found the discrepancies annoying, I still liked the digital thermometer as it gave me an accurate reading if my child used it correctly. My 8-year-old got a good reading because she didn’t open her mouth even after I asked her what she wanted for Christmas in the middle of her test. For my 4-year-old, he kept forgetting to keep his mouth closed, skewing his results. But…all those results still came back with a fever alarm. Skewed results don’t necessarily mean bad results. Also, I could have just done a different technique such as the forehead or armpit.


Little Martin’s Digital Thermometer is a good tool to have in your home. It’s a good starter thermometer when your children span a wide age range. I could pack it around easy when I got hit with the wave of sickness over Thanksgiving. There is certainly a slew a digital thermometers out there, so get the one that gives you the most comfort when your mini is under-the-weather.


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