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Even with the cold weather, if I kept my kids inside all the time, we’d go nuts. We’re all happier if we’re outside. You can shout outside, run around without breaking something, and there’s an infinite number of games and toys to play.

But it’s cold outside, and with a baby, those tiny fingers and toes get really really fast. So for the last few weeks, I’ve been testing out Beba Bean’s sweater moccasins.

Comfy & well-made baby moccasins

The first thing I noticed is the gorgeous and well-made design. They’re crochet knit from 100% wool and have a comfy leather sole.


Beba Bean has 4 options:

  • 0-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 12-18 months
  • 18-24 months

My baby is 9 months old but she still fit in the 0-6 month moccasins.

Stay on:

My favorite part of these little moccasins is the leather tie that loops through the baby shoes. Most baby shoes are a pain to put on because babies have such adorable chubby feet, and my baby definitely has some chunk on her. But these shoes easily slip on and then by tying the leather string – THEY DON’T COME OFF.

Where did the other sock go??

I’m not exaggerating. My baby is a pro at taking off her socks (see video for proof!). This kid routinely crawls around with only 1 sock on her feet. I keep buying her more socks because I can only find one sock of the match. Where do all the missing socks go?? Is there a secret abyss?? A hideaway under the couch? Does the washing machine steal them? Do my dogs eat the missing socks?? Seriously, I’m baffled.

With these baby shoes, they stay on her feet. Check the video for proof: she tried to take them off her feet when I was feeding her last week, and was disappointed to realize she couldn’t pull them off.

The test:

Don’t get me wrong, I gave her all the chances to take them off. She wore them on hikes, trips to the dog park, her first time swinging at the playground, around the house, in car rides. There were ample opportunities to lose one of the baby shoes. But several weeks later, we still have both.

Beba Bean:


“Guaranteed to stay on your baby’s feet.

My baby tried – and failed – to rip them off.”


Stay on baby's feet!

Beba Bean sweater moccasins

Well-made design
Leather tie - to keep on baby's feet
Hand wash
Bottom grip for early walkers

Stay on baby's feet!

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“These baby moccasin shoes will keep your darling’s tootsies warm in the winter. And for the babies who constantly rip their socks off their feet – these baby shoes will stay on.”

Lana Medina

Added bonus – every time she wore the baby shoes, her socks also stayed on her feet. That’s the only time her socks stayed on her feet.


I was curious if she would be able to crawl with the baby shoes on, and surprisingly she didn’t have a problem. She mostly crawls with her knees and hands scooting forward. She doesn’t walk yet but she can pull herself to a standing position – the shoes actually gave her a better foothold.


I don’t typically wash shoes, but since these are crocheted and worn by a baby, it’s a good idea. Beba Bean advises washing them by hand in cold water and then hand dry. I tried that out – easy enough to do and they didn’t shrink in size.

Why moccasins?

They’re also really really cute

Because baby shoes should be comfortable and keep your baby’s feet warm. The beauty about moccasins is that they’re flexible, have a leather sole for that pre-walking stage, and have a tie to make them stay on your baby’s feet. You don’t want to be out in the freezing cold weather and suddenly realize your baby is sporting one shoe and a freezing foot.

In the summer, your baby probably doesn’t need any shoes to keep feet warm, but in the winter – this is a must have.

Final Say:

Even if your baby is one of those rare creatures who keeps his/her socks on all the time (are there any babies like this???), these baby moccasin shoes will keep your darling’s tootsies warm in the winter. And for the babies who constantly rip their socks off their feet – these baby shoes will stay on.


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