-Camped next to a pond

-Put Para’kito’s mosquito repellent bands on the kids

-No bites

I hate mosquitoes. If there was a way to annihilate all of those blood sucking monsters, sign me up.

When I took my 6-month-old baby girl camping for the first time, we were attacked by those pesky little bugs non stop. 

We were camped right by the water of a small pond near Mirror Lake in the Wasatch mountains, but it’s never been this bad before. They were EVERYWHERE. Need proof?


This was my 3-year-old’s forehead following that camping trip. I swear we used buy spray. It’s like these mosquitoes were immune.

So when we went on camping trip #2, I decided to try something else. I wanted to test out Parakito’s insect repellent bands but was a little paranoid. I didn’t want any of the Deet chemicals (especially on my baby), but I really really really didn’t want a repeat of mosquito bites.

We even tried to avoid camping by water this time, but the spot we had in mind: some sheep decided it was their grazing ground. The only other camping spot that wouldn’t make our dogs take off herding, was right next to a pond. AKA, mosquito breeding ground.

Before we were even outside the truck, I strapped on the Parakito insect repellent bands to myself, my husband, and 3 bands on each of the 2 kids. My 6-month-old thought one of them was a teething toy. My 3-year-old demanded all the blue ones.

I was so paranoid I slapped my legs, ears, neck any time there was the slightest buzzing sound. My husband thought it was hilarious and kept pointing out possible mosquitoes on my skin.

But after 20 minutes, I realized something truly miraculous. We weren’t being bitten. None of us. Not my baby that I finally retrieved from the mosquito-free tent where I had hidden her away. Not my son who attracts mosquitoes like bees to honey.

Worth your purchase: cuts back on the mosquito bites

Para'kito versus mosquitoes

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Worth your purchase: cuts back on the mosquito bites

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“Camping without mosquitoes, and no DEET. It’s what camping is supposed to be like.”

Lana Medina

I’m sure the mosquitoes were around – there was standing water and it was summer! No brainer. But they weren’t ‘bugging’ us. I don’t know if it was the Parakito bands or somehow my dogs scared off all the bugs (HA HA HA!) but we stayed mosquito-bite free the entire camping trip.

The only downside – it didn’t do anything about flies. Those came out in droves the minute my 3-year-old tossed his breakfast eggs off his plate. Apparently the dogs couldn’t clean up fast enough. In their defense, they were on the eggs within seconds. The flies were faster.

Bottom line: I’ll take flies over mosquitoes any day. And I’m not going camping without the Parakito bands EVER AGAIN.

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