Gootensil: baby can actually feed herself

No-Tip bowl: less mess

Added bonus: works as a teething toy

Have you ever tried feeding a 6 month old solid foods? They act like they’re starving. It’s amazing, you can’t shovel food into their mouth fast enough. After months of only eating milk and/or formula, suddenly there’s all these new flavors and textures to try.

So when I heard about NumNum’s Gootensils and bowl, I was more than ready to let her dictate her food intake. But skeptical – a 6-month-old feeding herself? I started preparing for a disaster. Should I layer the floor with Saran Wrap? Cover her in bibs? Let the dogs help with clean up after?

Here’s what really happened: her 3-year-old brother saw the new Gootensil & bowl, and the minute I told him that sister was going to feed herself, he immediately demanded that he get to help. I figured, why not? I had been feeling rushed trying to fix dinner for the rest of the family and then run back to her high chair every time she loudly demanded another bite – why not let my son do it?

And surprisingly: it worked. She managed to get one bite of applesauce on her own, and the rest of the time my 3-year-old was able to feed her. Was it messy? She’s a baby, there’s no such thing as no mess. But compared to when I feed her, it was actually better. Nothing fell on the floor (sorry dogs, no clean up needed). My 3-year-old is already better than me. Is that supposed to happen already??

It works because Gootensil isn’t a normal spoon. There’s 2 types, one for thicker foods, the second for thinner foods (I counted applesauce under this category). So even if my 3-year-old is less than gentle, my baby still gets most of the food in her mouth.

And unlike normal bowls, she can’t tip this one over – it stayed on her high chair tray and never left. Considering that there was a 3-year-old feeding her, it’s nothing short of miraculous.

 The box says 6 months + and my baby was able to get one bite on her own, with her brother doing the rest of the work. In another month, she’ll be a pro.

“My baby didn’t feed herself because her brother took over. But hey – I didn’t have to feed the baby. I call that a win”

Lana Medina

The extra benefit, which I didn’t foresee, is that it doubles as a teething toy. My daughter gummed on that Gootensil for close to 30 minutes, and probably would have kept going if I hadn’t taken it away. She squawked loudly in protest and then started crying.

So here’s my vote: if you’re looking for a baby feeding utensil that encourages independence & helps with teething – get this now. Even if you want to feed your baby yourself – this is still easier to get food in their little mouths.

The only ones who lost out was my dogs. But it’s okay, they can clean up the green beans my 3-year-old tossed off his plate.


NumNum’s Gootensil

NumNum’s No Tip Bowl


Yes - my 6 month old baby was able to partly feed herself, and my son was able to do the rest! And an extra bonus as a teething toy

Review - NumNum's Gootensil & bowl

Safe for infants 6 months +
Encourages independence
Teething toy
Worth buying overall

Yes - my 6 month old baby was able to partly feed herself, and my son was able to do the rest! And an extra bonus as a teething toy

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